The Batman Is Filming With The Same Cutting-Edge Technology They’re Using To Shoot The Mandalorian

It’s been revealed that The Batman is currently filming using the same cutting-edge technology they’re using on The Mandalorian.

This news was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter who reported that The Batman is using the same technology used to film The Mandalorian.

This news was technically revealed by Industrial Light & Magic’s Rob Bredow during a session at this year’s virtual VIEW confab.

He revealed that the production design team had already built practical sets in the UK and an LED wall that was built around those sets to enable the use of virtual production in those specific scenes.

The Mandalorian and The Batman actually the same cinematographer Greig Fraser who helped develop the virtual production technology and ensure it worked in a cinematic way.

Fraser also recently spoke to Collider about his career earlier this year and he revealed he believed this new technology would be used on almost every film in the future.

The Batman is taking filming notes from The Mandalorian

robert-pattinson-the-batman teaser

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Here’s what he told Collider’s, Adam Chitwood:

I see a world where almost every film will use this technology in some way, shape or form. Be it from a $250 million blockbuster down to a $2 million independent movie using it for one sequence that they dry hire a studio that’s already been built and they get in there like a location. So I believe when the technology kicks on and gets widely adopted, when people understand what it can do, I believe it’ll be used quite a lot.

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