Tim Miller on the set of Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate Director Tim Miller Reveals His Disagreements With James Cameron

Terminator: Dark Fate didn’t make the huge splash at the box office Paramount Pictures was hoping it would. As a matter of fact, the film bombed, and there had been reports that its director, Tim Miller, clashed with James Cameron on set.

Now, Miller’s come out and revealed what really went on between the two men on the set of the latest Terminator movie.

He opened up about this during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter and here’s what the director had to say about the matter:

I suggested Legion is so powerful, the only way to beat it is going back in time and strangle it in the crib. Jim said, ‘What’s dramatic about the humans losing?’ And I say, ‘Well, what’s dramatic about the humans winning and they just need to keep on winning?’ I like a last stand. It’s not his thing.

Apparently, the two men also had disagreements over certain lines said in the movie, as he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter:

I would fight for that line, because it was important to me. But does the audience really care? Probably not. As far as donnybrooks go, it’s not that big of a deal.

Sounds like Terminator: Dark Fate wasn’t an easy set to be on

Terminator: Dark Fate featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator: Dark Fate featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

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It really does sound like it was a little bit tense on set between Miller and Cameron and it seems as though they had very different visions for how the final film should be.

“The blood is still being scrubbed off the walls from those creative battles,” Cameron told reporters earlier this year, in October. to be precise.

He then added: “This is a film that was forged in fire. But that’s the creative process, right?”

During his interview with The Hollywood Report, Miller also acknowledged that there were a lot of creative battles whilst filming Terminator: Dark Fate between himself, Cameron and the film’s producer, David Ellison.

Even though Jim is a producer and David Ellison is a producer and they technically have final cut and ultimate power, my name is still on it as director. Even if I’m going to lose the fight…I still feel this obligation to fight because that is what the director is supposed to do. Fight for the movie.

Miller then opened up about his director’s cut of Terminator: Dark Fate and revealed that he wasn’t sure what his producer (Cameron) would think about the movie.

The lights come up, and there was a lot of stuff that I had cut that Jim thought was important and scenes we’d shot that we’d had disagreements on. But the lights come up and Jim says ‘we’ve got a movie.’

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