Tim Miller’s Deadpool 2 Was Going To Feature Fantastic Four’s The Thing

Tim Miller’s been talking about Deadpool 2 recently and he revealed that his version of the film would have featured Fantastic Four’s The Thing.

He was talking to The Playlist, mainly about his lastest film Terminator: Dark Fate, and then then got onto the subject of Deadpool 2.

Miller was fired from Deadpool 2 and they then replaced by David Leitch who made a pretty good movie all things considered.

However, hearing Miller talk about his vision for the movie, I kind of wish he and Ryan Reynolds has seen eye to eye.

According to Miller, his film was going to feature what sounded like a pretty epic drawl between Juggernaut and The Thing.

Miller’s Deadpool 2 would have had The Thing!

Deadpool 2 could have featured The Thing

Deadpool 2 could have featured The Thing (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

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Miller also revealed that it would have been the film’s climactic action set-piece, and I can’t help but think it would have made sense.

However, it got me wondering whether they were thinking of bringing back Jamie Bell’s version of the character from Josh Trank’s awful Fantastic Four movie.

The Terminator: Dark Fate director also revealed that he spoke to the higher-ups at 20th Century Fox before leaving the project and pleaded with them to at least keep the Vanessa story before throwing everything out.

Vanessa was going to have a lot more to do in his version of the movie, and they were even going to introduce her as Copycat in his film, but sadly they didn’t listen to him.

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