The Surprise Horror Hit That’s Getting An Unexpected Sequel


In a thrilling development for horror enthusiasts, the surprise hit Thanksgiving is set to receive an unexpected sequel. Directed by the renowned Eli Roth, the original film, which premiered just last month, has already carved out a niche for itself in the horror genre. With a modest production budget of $15 million, Thanksgiving has grossed over $30 million globally, surpassing expectations and cementing its status as a box office success.

The announcement of Thanksgiving 2 comes as a delightful shock to fans, who have been captivated by the film’s unique blend of terror and dark humour. Set against the backdrop of a Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizing Plymouth, Massachusetts, the sequel promises to elevate the horror and suspense to new heights. Eli Roth’s return to the director’s chair for the sequel has heightened anticipation, promising another masterful addition to the 2023 horror movie landscape.

The Success of Thanksgiving


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A Certified Box Office Hit

Thanksgiving has proven to be a financial triumph, more than doubling its production budget in global returns. The film’s success is a testament to Roth’s skill in crafting a compelling and engaging horror narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Critical Acclaim and Fan Reception

The film has not only been a commercial success but has also received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Its unique take on the horror genre, combined with Roth’s signature directorial style, has made Thanksgiving a standout film in the 2023 horror movie lineup.

What to Expect in Thanksgiving 2


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Continuing the Terrifying Tale

While details about the plot of Thanksgiving 2 are still under wraps, early hints suggest the return of the menacing John Carver. Fans can expect the sequel to delve deeper into the lore of the original film, expanding on its chilling narrative.

A Stellar Cast and Crew

The sequel will see key players from the first film returning to their roles, ensuring the continuation of the magic that made Thanksgiving a hit. With Roth at the helm, the sequel is poised to be a meticulously crafted horror spectacle.

The Making of a Horror Franchise


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From Concept to Cult Classic

The journey of Thanksgiving from a conceptual trailer in the 2007 Grindhouse double feature to a full-fledged horror hit is a remarkable story. The film’s evolution showcases Roth’s dedication to bringing his unique vision to life, much to the delight of horror fans.

Expanding the Thanksgiving Universe

With Thanksgiving 2 set for a 2025 release, the franchise is on its way to becoming a significant player in the horror genre. Roth’s ambition to create a beloved slasher series is coming to fruition, offering a fresh and exciting perspective in the world of horror films.

Final Thoughts on Thanksgiving 2


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The announcement of Thanksgiving 2 is a significant moment for horror cinema, particularly for the 2023 horror movie landscape. Eli Roth’s return to direct the sequel is a promising sign that the film will live up to the high standards set by its predecessor. The original Thanksgiving has already left an indelible mark on the genre, and its sequel is poised to further solidify its status as a modern horror classic.

As fans eagerly await the release of Thanksgiving 2, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. The sequel not only promises to be a thrilling addition to the horror thanksgiving genre but also cements Eli Roth’s position as a master of horror. With its unique premise and Roth’s visionary direction, Thanksgiving 2 is set to be a highlight of the 2023 horror films lineup.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Thanksgiving 2 when it’s finally released?

You can watch Thanksgiving in cinemas worldwide right now.