Supergirl Season 6’s Final Episodes Delayed Until August

It’s been revealed that Supergirl fans will have to wait quite some time for the final episodes of Season 6.

It’s been revealed that the next episode of Supergirl Season 6 won’t be airing on The CW until Tuesday, August 24.

This means that fans of the show are going to have to wait more than three months for the next episode.

That’s a very long time to be waiting between episodes, especially when they’re technically part of the same season.

Why is there such a long gap in between Supergirl Season 6 episodes?

Well, it’s because of Superman & Lois, The CW’s new and shiny show, which will be airing during that time.

Supergirl Season 6’s finale episodes have been pushed back until the end of August

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Credit: The CW

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The last episode of Supergirl that was aired was “Fear Knot”, Episode 7 of Season 6.

The episode was directed by David Harewood, who plays God in Lucifer over on Netflix.

One silver lining for Supergirl fans is that when the show does return, there will be 13 more episodes to enjoy.

I think that’s a good thing to look forward to.

Hopefully, with this being the show’s final season, they’ll be able to really knock these episodes out of the park.

I’m hoping that they’ll be some of the best DC Comics content we’ve ever seen on The CW.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing the final episodes of Season 6 on The CW?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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