Stranger Things Season 3’s New Trailer Shows Off Billy Hargrove’s New Job

Stranger Things: Season 3’s latest trailer has hit the web and it shows Billy Hargrove excelling at his new job as a pool lifeguard.

Stranger Things season three isn’t that far off now, and fans across the world are eager to see what happens next.

Stranger Things season two ended in rather definite fashion, yet there were plot threads left untangled and there are some things that deserve unravelling.

In this season, it’s been rumoured that we might see a bit more from Dacre Montgomery’s character, Billy.

He was the bad guy introduced in season two, and yes, he was a real bad dude, yet, people seemed to like him for some reason.

One of those reasons might be because the guy’s quite nice to look at and had ABS, and I meant to capitalise that.

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Stranger Things season three new trailer

The short clip, courtesy of Netflix’s YouTube page, shows Billy coming onto his shift at the pool as the lifeguard and he’s being ogled by a few middle-aged women.

However, could there be a ‘deeper’ meaning to the fact that this scene takes place at a pool?

Could we be in for a Barb return? The likelihood is no because the show’s creators have said time and time again that Barb is well and truly dead.

That said, dead doesn’t always mean dead and people have returned from the Upside Down before, so why not Barb?

Stranger Things season three will hit Netflix on July 4th later this year.

Are you guys pumped to see it? Let us know in the comments below what you made of this trailer and whether you think Barb will return in some shape or form.

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