The Stranger Things Characters Get An X-Men Fan Art Makeover

A very talented artist has given the characters from Stranger Things an X-Men makeover and it’s brilliant. Check out the fan art below.

Ever wondered what the Stranger Things crew would look like as members of Marvel’s X-Men? Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore since a very talented artist and obvious fan of both the Netflix series and X-Men has taken it upon himself to recreate the Stranger Things characters as famous members of the mutant team. Thanks to him we get to see Eleven as Phoenix (she’d make a great Phoenix by the way), Dustin as Beast, Mike as Cyclops, Will as Iceman (he likes it cold), Lucas as Bishop, Steve as Gambit, Nancy as Rogue and finally Jim Hopper as Sabretooth (although he’s already going to playing Hellboy). Check out the images, courtesy of Bosslogic on Instagram, below.

Stranger Things X-men continued – @gatenm123 as Beast #strangerthings

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Stranger X-men @noahschnapp iceman #mansnothot

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Stranger X-men – @therealcalebmclaughlin Bishop #xmen

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Stranger X-men – Ya boy Steve @uncle_jezzy Gambit

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Stranger X-men – @nattyiceofficial Rogue

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Stranger X-men – after some discussion @dkharbour and I agreed on SabreTooth @strangerthingstv

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The most obvious omissions are Joye and Jonathan Byers. I would like to see Joyce as Jubilee and Johnathan would make a perfect Nightcrawler. There were moments in Stranger Things Season 2 which came very close to X-Men territory, namely the episode in which Eleven goes to meet ‘her sister’ who also has powers. Maybe there could be a Stranger Things spin-off series in which this area of the universe that the Duffer Brothers have created could be explored further. That said, they might end up going down that path is Season 3 which has been confirmed to be in production by Netflix.

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You can stream Stranger Things Season 2 right now on Netflix. What do you think of these X-Men versions of the Stranger Things crew? Let us know in the comments below.

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