Stranger Things Gets A Bad Lip Reading Treatment And It’s Hilarious

The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has decided to take on Stranger Things and it’s a match made in heaven. Check it out here.

There’s something inexplicably funny about watching bad lip reading. It was something pioneered in the TV show Scrubs and it’s now become the premise of a whole YouTube channel which has over 6 million subscribers. I believe the first one I saw was their brilliant interpretation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which feature Mark Hamill as Han Solo. His Harrison Ford impression is spot on by the way. They’ve now decided to take on Stranger Things and the result is perfect.

Stranger Things is a modern-day phenomenon that not many people could have predicted. The Duffer Brothers took their idea everywhere before getting Netflix to agree to the show. This sounds crazy today considering how widely popular the show has become, but these things do happen. Take J.K. Rowling’s case for instance. She took Harry Potter to as many publishers as she could and no one would publish her book until Bloomsbury agreed to and the rest is history. Penguin Publishing must be ruing the day they turned her down.

The same could be said for Stranger Things. HBO turned the Duffer Brothers down and it’s now one of the biggest TV shows around. We don’t know quite how many people watch the show because Netflix doesn’t make that sort of information available, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more people watch the show than Game of Thrones merely because it’s target audience is so wide. There’s something in it for everyone, whether you’re old or young, girl or boy.

You can watch Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix right now and there are rumours suggesting that we won’t get to see Season 3 until 2019. What do you think of this Bad Lip Reading video? Let us know in the comments below.

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