Stereotypes About Lesbians That Come From The Movies


The movies have altered and changed the perceptions of millions of people around the world. In fact, they have forced us to see things in a new light. While much of what we see in movies can be taken with a pinch of salt, there’s still no denying that people allow their minds to focus on stereotypes. However, when it comes to lesbians, what stereotypes do we see in the cinema?

Lesbians Can Only Be Models or Rough Looking


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Just like men and women of other sexualities, lesbians can be anyone. There are no rules or reasons as to why lesbian singles should look or behave a certain way. However, movies have taught us to believe that lesbians are either on one end or the other of the spectrum.

Movies either create an image that lesbians are stunningly beautiful, or we are taught to believe they are rough-looking, but never a BBW or someone far from masculine or feminine standards of beauty. This unfair form of stereotyping makes it difficult for real women to get noticed. This is down to the fact that movies create an image, a mindset, and expectations that guide the thought process of others. Essentially, lesbians can be pretty, they can be rough, or they can be anything in between!

One Must Have a Male Role

For some strange reason, we are taught to believe that one female in a lesbian relationship has to assume the position of a male. Do people believe that females still crave that male way of thinking as well as their behaviours but is this really true? Browse BBW lesbian sites, and you’ll discover women of all types, such as those who are still very female and those who are butch. Essentially, the world is a diverse place; there’s room for every type of lesbian out there, even BBW.

Their appearance forms very little bearing on the belief that one has a male role to play, but online dating sites provide you with a different experience. Every relationship will be based on personalities. Some are stronger than others which means one will always step forward to take control, and it has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity.

A Third in Bed is a Common Thing


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Lesbians are no different from other relationships. Two people love each other and follow the same path as heterosexual couples. Therefore, they’ll get together, date, fall in love, and maybe get married. However, movies attempt to create a stereotype that makes us believe that these women are always looking for someone else to join them in bed.

There is very little proof that this is true, but movies play without emotions often, and so add this to enhance the sexiness and lure of their film. Males have something in their mind that all lesbian couples are super-hot and introduce someone else to their relationship. This only heightens movie scenes and sells tickets to cinema screenings. However, this is no different from other relationships. Sure, some might introduce a third in bed, but it’s not always the case!

“We Should Adopt a Baby”

Movies attempt to create a perfect relationship which means that adopting a baby becomes a common thing in movies. It’s about creating a “common” looking relationship by introducing a child. This creates stereotyping that every lesbian couple will adopt a baby. As cute and loving as it might seem, it’s not always the case. Some lesbian couples will adopt a baby; others have no interest because of their relationship goals.

Movies provide an element of escapism, so they create stereotypes that fulfil our needs and expectations. Everyone expects everything to be perfect in the cinema, so producers, writers, and directors do everything possible to make that happen. When it comes to lesbians, there are many stereotypes seen in movies. However, it’s important to remember that everyone is unique, and not all relationships are the same.


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