Films That Will Change The Way You Think About Online Dating


Movies have the scope to influence our thoughts and behaviours. They can inspire and inform in equal measures, but there’s no denying that movies really change how we see the world.

The ability to alter our beliefs and perceptions transforms the world and how we see it. Furthermore, they can show us new things and teach us even more.

So, the following movies are certain to change your beliefs and understanding of online dating.

You’ve got Mail


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This movie is over 20 years old, but it certainly explores the early days of online dating. Filmed in New York, it touches on two people who meet in a day of dial-up internet. They use online chat rooms and a dating site to connect, and they begin communicating. As expected in the early days of dating, their identities remain hidden, and they refuse to share any information on their lives.

However, their lives become connected in new ways, which is what makes online dating so unique. It teaches people to release more information about themselves because how can relationships be built without any prior information?

Must Love Dogs 

For those who are divorced and looking to explore dating again, Must Love Dogs really will open your mind. Again, this film was released in 2005, which was still early in the days of online dating. However, the film is centred around a girl reluctantly willing to explore online dating, although the main character focuses her profiles around her need for someone who loves dogs.

Eventually, she gets paired up with someone, and they eventually connect, forming a relationship. However, this film highlights the importance of creating your own profile!



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Eurotrip is a teen movie that’s great fun but explores the reach that online dating has. While it’s not centred around a dating platform, it proves how using the internet can bring much success and hope.

The main character, Scotty, is emailing someone called Mieke, and he assumes he is male. How wrong can one person be! Mieke is a beautiful female, but because of his lack of awareness, she blocks him.

He decides to travel through Europe to find Mieke, and eventually, he explains his side of the story! So, this film teaches us to fully understand everything we need to know in order to connect with matches from abroad!

Sex Drive 

This film can really show us all about online dating. A high school graduate decides to create an online persona where he pretends to be a stud. In fact, he is the complete opposite!

Despite this, he meets someone online, and they agree to meet up. They decide to hit the road and make the trip, although things don’t go to plan along the way. They eventually arrive at the motel, although it involves jail along the way.

However, the lady isn’t who she said she is, which highlights the importance of ensuring you know everything about someone before meeting up!

Napoleon Dynamite


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This film focuses on several characters, including one who spends all day chatting to women online. He attempts to make money with a ludicrous business venture and eventually falls in love with someone he meets online. Everything happens quickly, and eventually, the main character gets married, showing just why you should capitalize on the opportunities that online dating provides.

These films clearly show that online dating can work. Sure, some challenges and errors can be made along the way. Despite this, when you get everything right, online dating can lead to fruitful relationships; all it takes is the right approach and the right people!


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