Five Famous Film Franchises That Need Slot Adaptations


The online gambling industry is filled with a multitude of casino games. Some of them, mostly video slots, are based on licensed properties such as films. There are video slots based on the DC Comics film series, The Goonies, Ted, Jumanji, The Matrix, Gremlins, and more. However, there are several famous film franchises that haven’t been adapted into video slots, and we’ve chosen our top five below.

The Avengers


Credit: Marvel

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is arguably one of the biggest film franchises of all time, spanning more than 25 films and five television shows, along with a ton of other media. Most famous from the franchise are the (So far) four Avengers films, which sees several of the franchise’s heroes team up to take on a dangerous threat. There are plenty of big-name villains and heroes that slot developers can take inspiration from whether that’s for the game’s design, symbols or special features. There’s also enough depth in these films that slot developers could create several sequels, all with unique features or visuals to differentiate them.

James Bond

James Bond isn’t a superhero, but he’s one of the most famous spies worldwide. The James Bond franchise has spanned dozens of films, which include a variety of memorable characters and villains, as well as Bonds. Like with the MCU, there are plenty of James Bond iterations that slot developers can use to create several unique video slots or perhaps one game that pays tribute to some of the best 007 agents and villains throughout the entire media franchise.

Fast And Furious


Credit: Universal Pictures

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The Fast And Furious franchise is often looked down upon, but it’s hugely popular among the general public, thanks to its non-stop action and fun characters. The franchise currently consists of nine main films and one spin-off, and it’d be great to see a video slot developer take inspiration from these games and create a series of slots based on the series’ main characters and some of the most famous cars to appear in the films.

Mission Impossible

The Mission Impossible franchise features some of the most popular action-spy films of all time. Led by Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, the franchise explores the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) and includes a dozen villains and characters, many of which could be used as inspiration for Mission Impossible-based video slots. Although the Mission Impossible franchise doesn’t have as much depth as the James Bond or Marvel film franchises, there’s enough here to release some fun games.

Ocean’s Franchise


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Ocean’s franchise comprises several heist films, with the series’ trilogy helping heist films become hugely popular. The three original films and the all-female spin-off can lead to the creation of several fun slots, and we feel this is aptly appropriate since the films heavily revolve around casinos and gambling. We could see slots based on luxurious casinos featuring the film’s in-depth characters. It’d also be great to see a slot based on the all-female Ocean’s 8 spin-off, which revolves around heisting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, rather than casinos.

Why Licensed Slots Are So Popular

Licensed video slots are so popular among players because they’re based on familiar intellectual properties and draw attention from fans of properties. According to, there are slots based on films, television shows, musicians, and so much more. None of the franchises we’ve mentioned here are currently available at mobile casinos in the United Kingdom, but we believe they’d be great fun to play, so what are you waiting for, slot developers?!


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