Squirrel Girl Series In Development For Disney Plus


It seems as though Squirrel Girl is going to be making her big Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in her own Disney Plus series. Squirrel Girl is a Marvel character that’s been suspiciously absent from the MCU movies and TV shows. However, Marvel has been pushing the character a lot in the comics, and there have also been references to her in some of Marvel’s recent marketing for a new mobile game called Marvel Snap.

So, according to one of our sources, the series is currently in development, and the idea is to have the show be released on Disney Plus as part of Phase 7. So, this show is still a long way off from going into production. However, our source did also state that they could end up pushing this series forward if all goes to plan, and it could be bumped up to Phase 6.

Squirrel Girl is getting her own Disney Plus show


Credit: Marvel

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So, let’s take a deeper dive into what this all means. At the moment, and I’m speculating now, it seems as though Marvel Studios is working on story ideas for how they can bring the character into live-action. A Squirrel Girl series isn’t exactly the most obvious thing to do, mainly because the character is half-human, half-squirrel, which is a very strange combination, and something that might look quite odd in live-action.

She could actually be brought in as a mutant, and the Ms. Marvel series already revealed that mutants do now exist in the MCU. Kamala is called a mutant herself, and in the show finale, it’s revealed that she has what’s referred to as the mutant gene. So, it seems as though Marvel is planning on bringing other mutants to the MCU and fast. However, it seems as though this series won’t be part of the X-Men’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the comics, Squirrel Girl is not affiliated with the X-Men. She rolls with other teams, such as the Great Lakes Avengers, the Avengers Idea Mechanics and the U.S.Avengers. I have actually heard rumours that Marvel Studios is thinking of bringing the Great Lakes Avengers into the MCU at some point. Maybe this could be the start of that.

Who is Squirrel Girl?


Credit: Marvel

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So, the bigger question: who is Squirrel Girl? She’s quite a popular Marvel Comics character, but she’s still relatively unknown as far as the wider Marvel Studios audience is concerned. Her real name is Doreen, and she has a genetic anomaly that allows her to communicate with squirrels. In the comics, she has been a member of both the Avengers and the Great Lakes Avengers, and has been a supporting character in stories featuring Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Both of these characters might be coming back to the MCU.

It certainly seems as though Krysten Ritter will be returning as Jessica Jones. It’s still unclear whether Mike Colter will get to play Luke Cage again after starring in the Netflix series. However, back to Squirrel Girl. She has also appeared in her own solo comic book series, which have depicted her dividing her time between her superhero adventures and her work as a college student. I think the Disney Plus show will be very much in the same vein as her standalone comics, and she might end up crossing over with Ms. Marvel. I feel like the two characters would work really well on-screen together.

Is this the start of a new era for the MCU?

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It does seem as though we are about to embark on a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re seeing the studio bring in more youthful and vibrant characters into the MCU. We’ve already seen the likes of Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld) in the Hawkeye series, Ms. Marvel (played by Iman Vellani) in her own series, Echo (played by Alaqua Cox), also in the Hawkeye show and who’s about to star in her own Disney Plus show, and finally, Yelena Belova (played by Florence Pugh).

We first saw Yelena in the Black Widow movie, and she turned up again in Hawkeye. It was then revealed at D23 that Pugh will be back as Yelena in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. It seems as though we are in a new and fascinating era of the MCU with these younger characters that are helping to bring a different vibe to these Marvel Studios properties. Squirrell Girl will fit very nicely into all of that, and I think she’ll become a fan-favourite character.

Who will they cast in the role?


Credit: Marvel Comics

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Now, we just need to wait and see what Marvel ends up casting in the role because that will be a very important part of whether the character succeeds or not. I think they might end up doing the same thing they did for Kamala Khan – aka Ms. Marvel. They ended up casting Vellani in the role after a huge worldwide casting process.

Vellani had never acted in anything before she was cast in the role by Marvel Studios, but they definitely knew what they were doing when they chose Iman to be their Ms. Marvel. I expect they’ll do something similar for Squirrel Girl.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Squirrel Girl in live-action in the MCU? Do you think the character getting her own series is a good idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Elowen

    I am dully psyched for Squirrel Girl to enter the MCU! She’s my favourite comic book character and I’ve been hoping and hoping she’d get the screen time she deserves!

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