When Will Jack Ryan Season 3 Be Released?


Jack Ryan Season 3 is easily our most anticipated series to come out this year on Amazon Prime Video. But, when will it come out? This is a question that we are going to answer in this article. We’re also going to go over some other stuff, such as whether future seasons of the show are planned and when they might be released. We’re also going to go over who’s returning for the third season and what the story might be.

However, we must warn you that not all the answers are available now. So, please, bear this in mind whilst reading this article. However, we will update the article as soon as we get any new information about Jack Ryan Season 3 and future seasons of the show. So, with all that out of the way, let’s talk about the third season of this John Krasinski-lead series.

When will Jack Ryan Season 3 be released on Amazon Prime Video?


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Before we get into the weeds of when Jack Ryan Season 3 is going to be released, let’s talk about what this show series is all about. Here’s the show’s synopsis, courtesy of Amazon Prime Video:

When CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles upon a suspicious series of bank transfers his search for answers pulls him from the safety of his desk job and catapults him into a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout Europe and the Middle East, with a rising terrorist figurehead preparing for a massive attack against the US and her allies.

So, do we have a release date for the show’s third season? Well, the answer to that is yes, we do. It was revealed not too long ago that the third season is going to be released on December 21st, 2022. This means that we don’t have too long to wait before the upcoming season is released. It’s also been revealed that the upcoming season is going to be eight episodes long, just like the first two seasons.

Why did Season 3 take so long to make?


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It was revealed that the third season was a pretty big production. It was filmed across the UK, Colombia, Russia, Canada, Morocco and the US. That’s pretty big for a streaming series. It’s basically like a Hollywood movie. It would seem as though season three is going to see Jack travel far and wide to try and save the world from some sort of imminent danger.

It was also super hard to thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was actually revealed by the series’ showrunner, Carlton Cuse, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

It was logistically challenging to work on all eight episodes that we’re shooting on three continents with four different directors and often two – and sometimes three – crews shooting at once.

This third season took a very long time to make, and it seems as though that’s been the case with every season of this show. Cuse explained to TV Insider why this was so, and specifically spoke about how hard it was to make the first season. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

It was a huge undertaking. It’s kinda like mounting a huge feature film… it’s like an eight-hour movie. We spent the first year-and-a-half writing it. Then it took us a year-and-a-half to make it. We shot it in five cities on three continents.

Executive producer Graham Roland then added: “We had to actually go to the places. We couldn’t cheat the audience.”

Who’s going to star in Season 3?


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So, let’s talk about who’s going to star in the upcoming season. We’re going to see John Krasinski as the titular character. Graham Roland spoke to Variety about why they felt that Krasinski was the only man for the job. Here’s what he had to say about casting Krasinski:

He was the first guy we went to. Jack Ryan’s superpower is his doggedness, his determination and, more than anything, his brain. I think that John has that. He’s a very intelligent guy… that comes across in his performance. And he also is a leading man. He’s got that relatability, that kind of Tom Hanks factor. He can play that classic hero that you can really see yourself in.

Krasinski then talked about the role during an interview with The Independent. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

I think that there’s an everyman quality to Jack that certainly my character in The Office [Jim Halpert] had, and I think that’s what I connected to. There was a nerdy part of me as a kid that went, ‘Oh, I could be Jack Ryan’ whereas I couldn’t be Superman. There is such an appeal to playing a guy who is a real person that you might see in a bar – he’s an actual superhero that could exist.

It looks like James Greer isn’t going to be back in the field due to his heart problems. That was a big issue in the second season. He’s now going to be behind a desk in Season 3. This means that Jack is going to have to have a new partner in Season 3.

With Greer likely to take on a more administrative role, Ryan will be needing a new field partner.

It was previously thought that Michael Kelly, who played CIA field officer Mike November, wouldn’t be back. But it’s since been reported by Deadline that he will feature in the upcoming episodes. It’s also been revealed that Betty Gabriel (Get Out, Clickbait) has replaced Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Blindspot) as Elizabeth Wright (via Deadline).

Here is some of the new cast members:

• James Cosmo (His Dark Materials, Game of Thrones) as Luca
• Peter Guinness (Cursed) as Petr
• Nina Hoss (Homeland) as Alena
• Alexej Manvelov (Before We Die) as Alexei

It’s also been revealed that Michael Peña will be joining the cast as Domingo Chavez, a member of the CIA who was a regular feature in a number of Clancy’s novels.

Will there be any more seasons of the show after Season 3?

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OK, so, what about future seasons of the show? Well, we have some good news for you on that front. It’s been revealed that Jack Ryan is going to get a fourth season. That’s brilliant news. It’s also been revealed that Abbie Cornish will be reprising her role in season four (via Deadline).

However, it’s also been revealed that Jack Ryan Season 4 will be the show’s final season. That said, it won’t really be the end, as it’s been revealed that there’s going to be a potential spin-off which will star Michael Peña as Domingo Chavez.

Jack Ryan Season 3 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on December 21st.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Jack Ryan Season 3 when it’s released this December on Amazon Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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