Squid Game Beats Bridgerton’s Netflix Streaming Record

us version of squid game

It’s been revealed that Squid Game is now Netflix’s most-streamed show beating Bridgerton’s incredible record in the process.

Netflix revealed this information via a recent tweet and it’s pretty surprising.

The show is, first off, about a bunch of people playing in sadistic children’s games in which the losers are killed.

They’re all doing this for money.

It’s a pretty dark subject matter and it’s interesting that a show like this one should become so popular so quickly.

It’s also from South Korean and not in the English language.

Bridgerton was watched by just over 82 million people in its first month on the streaming platform.

Squid Game has been streamed over 111 million people on Netflix

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It was revealed by Netflix on Twitter that over 111 million people watched Squid Game on the streaming platform.

So, it’s now miles ahead of the previous streaming champion on Netflix, Bridgeton.

This year’s been an interesting one, with shows such as Bridgerton and Lupin doing really well with Netflix subscribers.

It does seem as though subscribers are enjoying content on Netflix that’s not in the English langue.

Squid Game, Lupin and Money Heist are all in the top ten and aren’t English-language shows.

What do you make of this news?

Are you one of the 111 million people who watched Squid Game on Netflix?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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