The Witcher Is One Of Netflix’s Most-Streamed TV Shows Of 2019

The Witcher was always going to be one of Netflix’s biggest shows, and that’s exactly what has happened.

The show is based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and a series of video games by Projekt CD Red, and it’s basically Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones.

However, I will say it, it’s so much more bonkers than Game of Thrones, and that’s one reason why I love it so much.

Turns out that viewers have really loved it, and one of the reasons people might be liking it so much is because Henry Cavill is the lead in the show.

He plays Geralt Of Rivia in the show, who’s what’s known as a ‘Witcher’. Witchers go around the continent trying to find monsters and kill them.

However, for some reason, people don’t like them, even though they’re ridding the world of scary monsters.

Now, according to Business Insider, The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most-watched TV shows.

The only show being binged more than The Witcher on Netflix is Stranger Things, which isn’t really surprising.

A lot of people have been watching The Witcher on Netflix

The Witcher Season 1 Henry Cavill Netflix Season 2

Henry Cavill is perfect as Geralt in The Witcher – Credit: Netflix

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The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most-streamed shows of 2019

Reelgood, which is a sort of aggregation site for streaming services, sent over a list to Business Insider with the TV shows that fans of the Netflix show The Witcher are also spending time binge-watching.

This data comes from Reelgood’s users, and it aggregates all the streaming services including the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus, Hulu and Disney Plus. based on data from its users.

Some of the most-watched shows on streaming services include the likes of Good Omens, DC Universe’s Titans, and Starz’s American Gods.

Another show which many people watched was The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

However, according to Parrot Analytics The Witcher ending up dethroning the Star Wars series to be the most-watched in the world.

This is pretty mad, and Netflix also revealed via Twitter that The Witcher is the fourth most-watch TV show of  2019 which is mad considering that it was only released eleven days before the end of the year.

However, it was later revealed that this was based on projected viewership figures and they also have some strange analytics on what they consider a view, which is apparently only two minutes.

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