Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Real Villain Revealed?


OK, so this is going to be a bit of a strange one (you might say a ‘Doctor Strange’ sort of article), however, I have a theory about Spider-Man: No Way Home’s real villain.

It’s looking like Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to make the big bucks at the box office (COVID allowing).

The film’s first trailer was released online earlier today and it’s already broken the Internet.

If you’re to take a look at our homepage, then you’ll quickly realise that it’s dominated by No Way Home coverage.

Yep. This film has broken me already.

I’m already coming up with a whole bunch of theories about the movie.

I’m especially interested in the film’s villains, and I wanted to figure out who the film’s real villain is.

I have some thoughts, so let’s get into them right here, right now.

WARNING: There might be SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home in this article!


Is Peter Parker going to be the real villain of Spider-Man: No Way Home?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Right, so bear with me on this one.

I actually think that Peter Parker – not Spider-Man – is going to be the film’s main villain.

What I mean by that is that I mean that he’s going to be the root cause of all the chaos.

The movie’s trailer shows that Peter goes to Doctor Strange for help.

He asks him to make the world forget that he’s Spider-Man.

However, he quickly remembers that that also means his friends and girlfriend (MJ) are also going to forget that he’s the wall-crawler.

So, Peter then brings that up and this interrupts Strange’s spell, which in turn opens up the MCU to the Multiverse.

If that’s not bad enough, the rest of the trailer has scenes of Spider-Man being chased by Strange through the Mirror Dimension.

Spidey is holding a little box, which is rumoured to be the box that Strange managed to lock up all the Spidey villains in.

This is the Sinister Six, which I am going to get onto in a second.

What about the Sinister Six?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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So, I hear that many people will be saying: “Wait, aren’t the Sinister Six going to be the film’s villains?”.

Well, yes, they will be.

However, I am not sure that they will be the ones to cause the chaos that we see in the trailer.

The root cause of everything seems to be Peter and him getting Strange involved in his mess.

There are also rumours surrounding why Peter steals that box from Doctor Strange.

I’ve heard that Peter will be convinced by Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin) that they are dying trapped inside that box.

So, Peter then steals the box and attempts to put the villains back into their respective timelines.

However, the Sinister Six never intended to go back home.

It sounds like they’re going to hoodwink Spidey, and then break out and cause chaos in Peter’s timeline and probably even the Multiverse.

So, with this in mind, who’s the real villain here?

Is it the Sinister Six, or is it really Peter and his annoyingly trustworthy nature.

So far, his gullibility has got him into so much trouble – just look at what happened in Far From Home with Mysterio.

You would have thought that he would have learnt his lesson in that movie.

Could Doctor Strange be a sort of villain in Spider-Man: No Way Home?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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So, yes. It does look like Spider-Man: No Way Home’s chaos is going to be caused by Peter.

However, what about Doctor Strange? How much is he to blame for all of this mess?

Well, judging by the trailer and rumours about what he gets up in the movie, he’s just as much to blame as Peter.

Wong warns Strange not to do the spell in the trailer, yet the Sorcerer Supreme does it anyway…

What’s up with that? Surely Strange knows better, and then can you really blame Peter for his following actions?

Maybe a bit, but Strange won’t be blameless in this movie.

What about Norman Osborn? Could he be at the heart of all of it?


Credit: Sony Pictures

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OK, but that’s enough of me saying that Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are the real villains of No Way Home.

The fact of the matter is that this movie will feature many, many villains.

However, their leader will be one of two men: Norman Osborn or Doc Ock.

My money is on Osborn, aka the Green Goblin.

He is rumoured to be the one who convinces Peter Parker to free them from that strange magical prison.

I also think that the fact he wasn’t really fully revealed in the trailer is actually a sign that he might have a more important role than we first thought.

Don’t forget about Doc Ock!


Credit: Sony Pictures

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However, you cannot forget about Doc Ock.

I am pretty sure he’ll have a bigger part to play in this movie than we realise.

That said, Alfred Molina has seemingly spoilt almost all his scenes in the movie.

What do you make of our Spider-Man: No Way Home theory?

Who do you think will be the film’s main villain?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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