Matt Reeves Teases What Sort Of Batman Robert Pattinson Will Be

The Batman director, Matt Reeves, has shared what sort of Batman Robert Pattinson will be in his upcoming DC Comics movie.

Matt Reeves can hopefully start working properly on his Batman movie now that it’s been revealed that Robert Pattinson will be playing the Caped Crusader.

It was announced that the former Twilight star will be playing Batman and some fans aren’t so sure about the casting news.

That said, there are many fans of the news, including myself, and Matt Reeves seems to be thrilled with the fact that Pattinson will be donning the cape and cowl in his movie.

The director and writer recently took to Twitter to tease what sort of Batman fans could expect from Pattinson and it seems as though he’ll be a moody brooding one.

He did this by tweeting out a gif of Pattinson in full-on brooding mode in the excellent film, Good Time, which you can watch now on Netflix.

He also looks rather intense in this gif, so perhaps that might tease that Pattinson’s Batman will be slightly more intense and brutal than the rest, although, I’m not sure if you can get more brutal than Ben Affleck’s Batman.

And for those fans who still don’t think that Pattinson could crack it as Batman should watch the likes of Cosmopolis, Good Time, The Lost City Of Z and High Life.

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Anyway, The Batman, or whatever it’ll be called, is scheduled for release on June 25th, 2021, but that could change in time.

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