Will There Ever Be A Community Movie? Here’s Why They Have To Make It

With interest in Community growing again since it landed on Netflix, fans are hoping that we might finally end up getting the Community movie we were promised.

Six seasons and a movie was a line we often heard in relation to Community.

We ended up getting the six seasons, yet we’ve yet to see a Community movie.

It was pretty touch-and-go as far as the six seasons of the show were concerned.

The last few seasons weren’t that great because of a whole host of reasons.

First off, creator Dan Harmon was fired after season 3, which meant that Season 4 wasn’t as good as it could have been.

David Guarascio and Moses Port took over as showrunners and executive producers.

The show really suffered after that, however, Harmon did end up coming back for Season 5.

We need a Community movie


All six seasons of Community are available to watch on Netflix now – Credit: Sony Pictures Television

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He ended up replacing season four showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio, with former writer Chris McKenna returning as executive producer.

The issue was that the show was losing a lot of its cast.

There was a very public falling out with Chevy Chase, who was reportedly difficult on set and didn’t like the long hours filming the series.

He ended up leaving, which left a pretty big hole in the group’s dynamics.

Even though his character, Pierce, wasn’t one of the best characters on the show, he was still important as far as the rest of the group was concerned.

Chase’s exit was then followed by Donald Glover’s which was terrible for the show.

Glover played Troy Barnes on the show, and his incredible relationship with Abed was one of the reasons people fell in love with the show.

Seasons 5 and 6 ended up being shorter and nowhere near as good as the first three seasons.

Would the likes of Donald Glover come back for a Community movie?


Will we ever get a Community movie? – Credit: Yahoo

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We did see some great cameos such as Keith David, Jonathan Banks and even the return of John Oliver to the show.

Oliver played Professor Duncan in the first two seasons and he ended up returning for a few episodes of season 5.

Yet, even Oliver’s return couldn’t really bring the show back to the level it was before.

This was a huge shame because the show was really great before.

I would argue that the first three seasons of Community are some of the best seasons of TV I’ve ever watched.

Community does hold a very special place in mine and many other people’s hearts.

We Community fans went through so much, and it deserves a movie

Six seasons, check. Now it’s time for that movie.

I hope that Dan Harmon is able to get the movie made.

What does the future hold for Community?

Community Movie Series Netflix

We could be getting a Community movie after the show came to Netflix – Credit: Yahoo

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Hopefully, he’d also be able to bring the likes of John Oliver and Donald Glover back for the movie.

It would great if we could get the whole cast back for the movie, and maybe get the likes of Joe and Anthony Russo to direct.

They basically made their names thanks to the show.

They directed many of the episodes and were also on-board as the show’s executive producers.

It would be incredible if the Community movie could be directed by them.

I think Netflix would be the best place for this movie.

However, there would be a whole load of deals to be finalised before that could happen.

Joel McHale has revealed he’d be up for coming back for the movie.

Fingers crossed the rest of the cast would be too.

I’d even love to see Chevy Chase return as Peirce Hawthorne.

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