These Are The Top Three Reasons To Switch To Digital

Analog is certainly coming back in a big way. We have turntables and records back on the shelves however, digital is a great way to go.

That said, turntables and records are making a comeback due to their superior quality sound and their incredible aesthetic.

Not everything, however, is worth looking back for.

The days of CDs are certainly long gone.

Most people don’t have, nor do they want, to deal with the space they take up.

Then there is the issue of scratching disks and the difficulty in sorting through what you have.

Not to mention the fact that the only use of a CD in the last decade was to upload music onto your chosen music management system.

Analog has its uses and its beauty, but in terms of items that are worth switching to digital for, these are the top three:

Video Games


Gaming online is so much better

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Having a disk was worthwhile when the physical space on your console could only handle the saved files.

Nowadays, however, you can buy consoles with 1TB or more in space, and if that’s not enough, you can easily upgrade your limits with an external hard drive.

In short, you can have hundreds of massive games on your console, and as you have the digital license, you will also never have to worry about a file corrupting or the hard drive breaking down since you can just download the game again.

Combined, this means that physical copies of video games are nothing more than a waste of space that can all-too-easily be damaged.

Movies and TV Shows

Disney Plus is coming to India digital streaming

Disney Plus could get more big budget movies – Credit: Disney

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Streaming services and on-demand services have made the notion of owning a movie or tv show boxset defunct.

Not only can you enjoy thousands of movies and shows online on-demand, but you can also even download them for when you travel.

The only difficulty is the licensing issues.

When Disney announced their Disney+ channel, for example, they also started revoking further licenses for their movies and shows to be streamed on other channels.

Still, when it comes to owning a membership for three or more streaming services vs the cost of each DVD or boxset, you will save money on the streaming service every time.

Betting and Casinos

The Cooler Movies Gambling digital streaming

The Cooler is available to watch online now – Credit: Lionsgate

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Unless you live near a casino that offers all the bells and whistles, it is time to switch to digital.

At first, you might be worried that betting sites are more geared towards making you overspend on what you initially promised yourself, and therefore are not what you are looking for.

However, by instead switching to an online casino, you can better budget, and you will enjoy a wider variety of games (both digital and live) anywhere in the world.

From fun games to everyday accounting, some things are best done digitally.

With the size of hard drives and external storage increasing and reducing in cost every day, there is no excuse not to switch to digital to save on space, and that’s if you don’t have a cloud account.

So, sell those DVDs and those video games that have been taking up valuable space, and make the switch to digital today.

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