Snyder Cut Released In China And Smashes Records

Zack-Snyder’s-Justice-League-HBO-Max-WarnerMedia-Warner-Bros Snyder Cut China release

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (aka the Snyder Cut) has finally been released in China via the video-sharing website Bilibili and it’s broken all streaming records on the site.

This is news you won’t really find anywhere else unless you are part of the SnyderVerse community and you are constantly on Twitter.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about the release (or lack thereof) of the Snyder Cut in China.

Warner Bros. Pictures has been doing everything within its power to prevent the movie from being released over there.

They didn’t apply for release in Chinese cinemas, and it’s no secret that the movie would have done very well in Chinese theaters.

They are also open over there in China, so they would have ended up making a profit if they had just released the film in the Chinese market.

What’s ended up happening is that the film was released on Bilibili.

The Snyder Cut has been released in China and smashed all streaming records

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So, before now it was impossible for people in China to watch the movie via ‘legal’ means.

With it now being on BiliBlili, they finally can watch the film without having to go on sites that aren’t technically legal.

Let’s get to the bottom of these numbers.

It was reported that the Snyder Cut has been watched by over 7 million people in China in just one day.

That number isn’t quite right.

The movie’s actually had 3.98 million plays. The 7 million number includes trailer plays.

However, that’s still an incredible number for just one day.

The film can also only be rented on the platform – it can’t be bought.

Once rented, the user will have seven days to watch the film.

What do you make of this news?

Are you shocked by how Warner Bros. Pictures has been doing everything it can to prevent the Snyder Cut from succeeding?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Dave Abbley

    Warner Bros. are the most tone deaf studio on the planet. Everyone knows the Snyder cut has done brilliantly but WB will not admit to their past mistakes. Too many bruised egos in the suits upstairs, suits who have no idea how to run a movie studio! They’re making a mess of the DC properties. Just useless the lot of them. Wash your hands of them Zack.

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