Rosario Dawson Wants To Play Ahsoka Tano For As Long As Possible

Bryce Dallas Howard: Clone Wars Fans Will Love Ahsoka Series

Rosario Dawson has revealed that she really would love to play Ahsoka Tano for as long as she can in the Star Wars universe, and we agree!

Dawson revealed this during a recent interview with Variety.

Here’s what she had to say about wanting to play Ahsoka Tano for as long as she can:

I get to be a part of a universe, and a team, and a world in which even as I age I might still be able to participate. That’s huge. You know what I mean? To have that longevity with something, in my industry, that’s not particularly heard of. It makes me feel so grateful.

Hollywood isn’t a kind place for women.

It’s actually hugely misogynistic, and it can be very tough for women over a certain age to get really good roles in Hollywood.

Rosario Dawson is perfect as Ahsoka Tano!

Rosario Dawson Ahsoka Tano The Mandalorian

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Rosario Dawson spoke about this during her interview with Variety and she expressed her fears about age and the sorts of roles that become available to women in the industry.

Honestly, as an actor in my 40s, I figured I’d be sent out to pasture by now. I’m not going to say I take it for granted. Like, oh, I’m good for the rest of my life. But there’s a sense of peace that I feel.

Dave Filoni was asked about the tone and format of the upcoming Ahsoka Tano series.

It still wasn’t certain whether this next series would be a continuation of what we’ve seen in The Mandalorian and The Book Of Boba Fett or more of a standalone adventure.

Here’s what Filoni had to say on that matter:

Ahsoka is a continuous story. It is definitely driving toward a goal, in my mind, as opposed to being little singular adventures. That’s what I want the character to be doing, and I think that’s what fans want now. They have such a relationship with her. I’ve only recently started to understand that all those kids that watched Clone Wars are now a lot older—they’re very excited about all the things they grew up with, as they should be.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano in future Star Wars shows?

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