Rosario Dawson Wanted Ahsoka And Cad Bane To Star Together In Live-Action


Rosario Dawson has revealed that she really wanted Ahsoka Tano and Cad Bane to appear together in a live-action Star Wars property.

She revealed this in a recent tweet, and I am sorry that it might not happen also.

However, I will state that I think that Cad Bane isn’t quite dead.

There are many people that are saying that they still heard a beeping coming out of Cad Bane after he was stabbed by Boba Fett in The Book Of Boba Fett’s finale.

It would be great to see him return because he’s one of the coolest Star Wars ‘villains’ around.

Cad Bane was introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV show.

We then saw him in The Bad Batch series, and he’s just such a cool character.

Let’s get Ahsoka Tano and Cad Bane in live-action together!

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It was a big moment when Star Wars fans got to see him in live-action in The Book Of Boba Fett.

He was only in part of the show, and fans don’t think he was in enough of it.

Hopefully he and Ahsoka Tano will get to meet in live-action.

Here’s what Rosario Dawson had to say about Ahsoka and Cad meeting in live-action after a user said that they liked Cad’s teeth and cowboy hat:

Me too! Was mesmerized by him! Loved seeing this character live action finally. I hope we get to… “work” together…!

It would be genuinely great to see Ahsoka and Cad share the screen together.

I’m hoping that they will make it happen.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, and I’m thinking that Rosario might be teasing us here.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Ahsoka Tano and Cad Bane turn up together in a live-action Star Wars series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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