Robert Pattinson Reveals How COVID Shutdown Affected The Batman

Robert Pattinson Reveals How COVID Shutdown Affected The Batman

Robert Pattinson has been talking about The Batman movie, and he opened up about how the COVID-19 shutdown affected DC Comics film.

He revealed what it was like on set during an interview with Movie Maker.

During the interview, Robert Pattinson called the film’s return at the time “like a military operation.”

We had earpieces in to have direction a lot of the time to kind of limit the amount of interactions. The most odd thing is that a lot of scenes had no one behind the camera, because we were trying – if it was already a setup, they’d just be remotely controlling it. Odd. Especially when you’re on a big set – just no one around at all. That took a lot of getting used to…We were basically in night shoots the whole time. I can’t even tell if people were there or not. And also your peripheral vision inside the cowl – I could hardly tell if there was anyone there or not.

The Batman’s COVID-19 shutdowns were difficult to deal with

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His co-star Zoe Kravitz (who’s playing Catwoman in the movie) also shared some thoughts on the adjustment they were forced to make when shooting resumed.

We all had to adjust to what that felt like — to be on set and to have to wear masks, to not see the crew’s faces, and not be able to just sit and chat with the crew and stuff. It became very impersonal in a way. So that was a little bit sad, because I love getting to know the crews I work with, and hanging out with them… I think we were all just happy to be there. But everyone was working really, really hard, and going home, and not able to go anywhere to let off steam or even go to a dinner, especially. We were all supposed to be bubbling and stuff. I was very thankful to be there at all. But it was definitely bizarre.

The Batman movie is set to hit cinemas on March 4th later this year.

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