Ridley Scott Wants Full Control Over The Alien Franchise – But He Won’t Get It

It’s being reported that Sir Ridley Scott is asking for more control over the Alien franchise moving forward, and this does make sense to us.

Now, this rumour does come to use from Daniel Richtman, but it does tie in nicely with what we reported on yesterday.

We were informed that Disney wants to make Alien their next “mega-franchise” with new movies and even more TV shows.

We already know that Noah Hawley is working on the very first Alien TV show which will see the Xenomorphs comes to Earth.

This will be the first time in the Alien franchise (we’re not counting the Alien Vs Predator movies) that the alien will be on Earth.

Sir Ridley Scott is an Executive Producer on that show, and it sounds like he’s asking Disney to be put in full control of the franchise moving forward.

Sir Ridley Scott is asking Disney to be given full control over the Alien franchise

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Now, interestingly enough, I’ve been told sort of the opposite when we reached out to our source for comment on this story.

They told us that Disney wants Scott involved, but they do not want to put him in charge of the franchise.

We’ve actually been told that Disney is very happy with Noah Hawley’s progress on the series and is looking at making him the man in charge of the franchise moving forward.

This means he might get to make an Alien movie in the future, or at least produce the film.

Scott would also be a producer, but he would serve more as an advisor – a bit like he was for the Blade Runner 2049 film.

I think this would be a much better way forward given the quality of Ridley’s last two Alien movies: Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Those films were poor and we do not want him repeating the same mistakes.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Ridley Scott should be more or less involved in the future Alien TV shows and movies?


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