Netflix Is Trying To Lock Zack Snyder Down For More Movie And TV Projects


It’s being reported that Netflix is very keen on making sure they lock down Zack Snyder for future movie and TV projects.

This report comes to us from We Got This Covered.

However, we went to our own sources for confirmation, and they could corroborate that talks between Snyder and Netflix are ongoing.

This started after Netflix were apparently very happy with his Army Of The Dead movie, and they are also very pleased with the animated prequel series he produced.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Netflix likes the idea of having Zack Snyder make more movies and TV shows for them.

Our source also told us that Netflix has seen incredible numbers for the upcoming Army Of The Dead movie on social media.

This basically indicates to the streaming service that a huge number of people will be watching the Army Of The Dead movie on day 1.

This is exactly what they want, and Netflix really wants to capitalize on the number of Snyder fans there are out there.

Netflix wants Zack Snyder to make more movies and TV shows for them


Credit: Netflix

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Now, we’ve also been told that Netflix is already looking at getting Army Of The Dead 2 off the ground.

However, a certain Justice League 2 might be getting in the way.

What our sources told us was that the Snyders were having countless meetings with both Netflix and HBO Max.

Both streaming services are trying to tie them down for future projects.

What we were told is that the Snyders don’t want to close any avenues and aren’t interested in signing ‘exclusivity’ deals with either streaming service.

Apparent both Netflix and HBO Max offered them such deals, but the Snyders turned them down.

It looks like they want to make more projects for both Netflix and HBO Max and don’t want to close any doors.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Army Of The Dead on Netflix?

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