Here’s How You’ll Be Able To Play Flash Games After 2020

On the off chance the world doesn’t end before Adobe’s undying support of Flash does, we’ll still want to play games and the ancient multimedia platform will still find ways to annoy us, undead or not…

As a matter of fact, it already found one and even made an appointment for January 1st of 2021, eager to get an early jump on annoying unsuspecting netizens because it’s offended for not even being in the top ten of the most hated things this year.

In slightly less over-the-top terms: with official support for Flash ending after almost a quarter of a century, playing Flash games may get slightly trickier starting next January.

While Adobe won’t go actively deleting existing repositories, keeping Flash as a permanent feature of your computer beyond this year really isn’t something we’d recommend, unless you intend on partying like it’s 1998 by playing Dumb Ways to Die, Moo Moo, and other cult classics of the platform – all day, every day.

If you are, having a reliable method for accessing flash games in 2021 is the least of your worries – e.g. your crippling depression should take priority over browser games.

Playing Flash games won’t be much harder until at least Windows 11 or however the next OS from Microsoft ends up being called

Here's how you'll be able to Flash games ever after 2020

Here’s how you’ll be able to Flash games ever after 2020 – Credit: Pexels

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With that said, Adobe’s official website will still host the very last Flash build its emaciated development team puts out for the ailing platform at this year-end.

So, running Flash won’t be a technical challenge anytime soon – expect first real compatibility issues once Microsoft releases its Windows 10 successor.

That goes for games and anything else, but while we’re still on the subject of gaming, it would be wise to bookmark some repos and archives which already pledged to keep hosting these pieces of Internet history beyond this year.

That won’t be the case with every aggregator of Flash games out there, so it’s best to check with your past favourites while there’s still time – most haven’t shut down shop just yet and many won’t even do so before well into next year.

There’s always the option of manually downloading your personal gems of Flash games in the meantime.

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