Phoebe Waller-Bridge Paid Millions By Amazon Without Having Made Anything For Them

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Rumoured To Direct Next James Bond Movie

Phoebe Waller-Bridge did not comment about her renewed contract from Amazon, while the first went without any developed movie or series. The multi-talented, award-winning actress, writer, producer and budding director had a $20M per year contract with the company to produce projects for streaming. Reports say that she still got paid while she did not deliver a single movie or TV show for the streamer.

What’s more? The company renewed her contract. That is a pretty hefty retainer fee for a potential showrunner of a streaming series or movie. While a lot of hopefuls will certainly be able to churn out actual projects within a year with that pay, this made many ask what kind of project Amazon was looking for?

At first, the contract was for her to work with Donald Glover on the series version of the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Eventually, she left the project due to creative differences and she wasn’t able to bring other projects forward in the years that followed.

Amazon Renews Phoebe Waller-Bridge Contract Despite No Output

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However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon still renewed the contract with an announcement that she will be writing for a Tomb Raider series. It’s also been reported that another project is still in development and it’s top secret. The other project has been listed on Waller-Bridge’s IMDb for a while now, just as an untitled project with the streaming service.

It is possible that these projects, which are in development, are still favourable in the eyes of the ‘powers that be’ for the streaming service. Enough for them to give a go signal to renew her contract. Head of television, Vernon Sanders, defended:

Phoebe has not only fully embraced Tomb Raider and I think is feeling very committed to it, but she’s in a writers room right now working on it.

She’s a perfectionist, so she absolutely wants to make sure that what she does is great and right, but she’s proven that when she does deliver, she delivers.”

The ball is still on Waller-Bridge’s court to deliver what the company is asking for. So far, it is possible that from what development they are seeing as some sort of progress report from the star, they must like her work.

It is one thing to say that a contract has no output but another when it actually has more than one project in development. We may never know the whole story but all we can do it wait and hope that she does get to deliver what she promised Amazon she’d deliver.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Still Developing Projects For Amazon


Credit: BBC Three

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If it’s any indication, the renewed contract likely promises some projects that may be too good to pass up. As a writer, Waller-Bridge has proven to be of the award-winning calibre with previous titles such as Fleabag, Killing Eve, and even the last Daniel Craig starring James Bond movie No Time To Die. 

We also recently reported that Waller-Bridge is the first choice of the owner of the James Bond franchise, Barbara Broccoli of Eon Productions, to direct the next movie, mainly because of Waller-Bridge’s writing in No Time To Die. The franchise producer liked Waller-Bridge’s storytelling.

Killing Eve and Fleabag are also proof of her capacity as a producer. Both shows have captured audiences and critics alike as she amassed numerous nominations and awards throughout the series. Aside from the two, she has also produced Run and Crashing as an associate producer.

Still, as she is also a reputable actress, many now wonder if she will still be able to handle running a show or series with all the upcoming projects she also has.

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