Patrick Stewart In Talks For Deadpool 3


Patrick Stewart could be about to join Deadpool 3, at least, if this new report is to be taken at face value. It’s being reported by Giant Freakin Robot that Patrick Stewart is currently in talks with Marvel Studios to appear in Deadpool 3, which would be perfect if you ask me. But, let’s get into this news in a little bit more detail.

We last saw Patrick Stewart play Professor X in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and people really seemed to love his return to the iconic character. It seemed as though the actor loved playing the role again and he’s pretty keen to return as the iconic Marvel Comics superhero. But, will it happen? I have a feeling that it might.

Will Patrick Stewart get to play Professor X in Deadpool 3?


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So, what does this all mean? Well, I’m thinking that Professor X might end up making a cameo in the upcoming Deadpool movie. This could be used as something of a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a moment in which Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool literally fangirls over Professor X. It would be a pretty funny moment if they end up doing that. Something tells me that Patrick Stewart won’t end up being in much of the movie.

I thought that his cameo in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness was really well done. He actually had a slightly bigger role than I expected him to have in the movie. I would love it if Professor X ends up cameoing in multiple MCU movies. He could end up becoming the MCU’s new Stan Lee, and I think that Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics fans would really appreciate that.

What’s going on with Deadpool 3?

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So, what’s happening with the third Deadpool movie? Well, it’s happening, but we haven’t heard all that much about the movie over the past few months. People were expecting the movie to be ‘officially’ announced at either this year’s D23 or San Diego Comic-Con. However, that didn’t happen, much to many Marvel fans’ disappointment. That said, I have a feeling that this movie is going to be released in the MCU’s Phase 5.

Kevin Feige did reveal that the movie is going to happen. Ryan Reynolds is working on the movie as we speak. It was revealed that Shawn Levy would be directing the film. The movie is being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote the previous two Deadpool films. However, they will be working off an original story idea by Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. Kevin Feige also revealed that the movie would be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

There’s still no official release date yet for Deadpool 3. However, I think that it should be released in cinemas in 2024. That’s just a guess, but I can’t see the movie being released before that since it hasn’t even gone into production yet.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool 3? Do you think Professor X will be in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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