Paradise PD Season 3 Review


Created and Written by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin
Starring: Sarah Chalke, David Herman, Tom Kenny, Kyle Kinane, Cedric Yarbrough, Dana Snyder, Roger Black and Grey Griffin

Paradise PD is an animated show on Netflix which follows a group of police officers in their day to day lives causing havoc and destruction in their town.

Season 3 consists of 12 episodes and follows on after the events and cliff-hanger of Season 2.

The show is inspired by real-life scenarios with added humour.

The humour used is based more for adults as there is a lot of cursing, crude/dark humour and drugs involved in every episode.


Paradise is turned into a giant pizza at the end of the second season and during their time under the dough, all our characters have had time to think.

The third season delves into these new revelations more, Randall (Tom Kenny) wants to have another child, while his first-born Kevin (David Herman) wants to make a move on the woman he loves Gina (Sarah Chalke).

Unfortunately for Kevin, Gina is only attracted to overweight men due to the bullet she has in her brain.

Alongside all of this Fitz (Cedric Yarbrough) the man who was possessed for the past two seasons with his alter ego and is the cause for the destruction of Paradise comes out of the pizza destruction finding he is married to a dolphin and Paradise itself tries to rebuild itself.



Credit: Netflix

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Paradise PD isn’t a simple show it has lots of characters and lots of wacky storylines which try to work together.

As a result, in each episode, we are jumping around a lot to get all these characters and their stories involved.

In the previous two seasons there was a plot that was carried on throughout yet in season three it is the aftermath of that plot and destruction it has caused and the characters coming to terms with this and moving forward.

Season 3 of Paradise PD is crazy and quite inappropriate at times but it is fun to watch.

It’s a shame that there isn’t an ongoing plot throughout all these episodes like there was in the first and second, as without it feels as if this season is missing a purpose.

In the second half of this season, there is a hint of some sort of overall storyline but it feels more like an afterthought to give the final episode something to look forward too.

Not every joke lands perfectly but it does its best.

Even with the jokes not landing quite right all the time, this show is still quite enjoyable to watch.

It is defiantly a weird show with lots of pop-culture references and political commentary.

There is even a comment referencing the pandemic we are still currently living through.

The writing works well thus the show is cleverly written with very well thought out characters.

With that being said there are moments which are so gross to watch you feel like you shouldn’t be looking but that is the charm of this show.


I binged this season over a weekend and I don’t regret it at all.

It is a mixed bag but it should be applauded as it is pushing the boundaries for what can be in an animated series.

Family Guy or American Dad have similar humour to Paradise PD but what this show does is take it a step further and pushes the bar up.

It feels as if Paradise PD is what Family Guy wish it could be and tries to be, but Paradise PD has set the bar so high.

Unlike other animated series, this show is still realistic even with all the humour.

In most animations, the world they are in, is always reset back to the start, the status quo, by the beginning of the next episode.

We don’t normally see many repercussions for actions carrying on throughout a series.

The worlds always appear and stay the same.

Yet in Paradise PD every action has a reaction and we constantly see the reaction for the rest of the series, it isn’t just forgotten by the start of the next episode.



Credit: Netflix

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If Lois could remember all the stupid things Peter had done in the previous episodes, would she actually stay with him or continue to love him in the way she does.

I doubt it because most of us wouldn’t but in Paradise PD Fitz has a one-night stand with a dolphin which becomes marriage.

Or Fitz/Kingpin tries to destroy Paradise and does a good job but luckily all the characters survive yet the town doesn’t instantly fix itself by the next episode.

Instead, we spend the entire series watching the town try to rebuild itself as a result of the actions of the previous season.

I think this makes the characters more realistic, even though they are very strange characters at times, but the fact their actions will always have a consequence whether it is found out in the same episode or three episodes down the line.

It is interesting how Paradise PD have long term consequences yet in most animations the status quo is fixed by the next episode and the consequences of what happened in the previous episode are just forgotten.


Fitz who was responsible for the nuclear attack deals with the consequences of his action while his alter ego Kingpin took over him.

Kingpin was our main and best villain for the past two seasons, it is a shame that this character is now gone.

Cedric Yarbrough did a fantastic job making us love and enjoy Kingpin.

However, without Kingpin we now get the return of the ongoing gag and public service announcement gag called ‘Fitz Bitz’.

This ongoing gag is enjoyable addition and defiantly adds a bit more humour to some episodes that you don’t expect.

Chief Randall Crawford goes through the biggest journey and changes in this season.

His journey is all about family; we must acknowledge he doesn’t seem the most loving and caring father.

He is very stern and tough. Randall learns the value of his relationships as he fights for his family which ends him wanting another child, a better one to replace Kevin.

We end this season with Karen’s water’s breaking and the new baby is on the way.



Credit: Netflix

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While Kevin really grows in this season which is quite nice to see. He has always been the guy for comedic purposes who is always messing up but means well. Kevin works on his relationship with Gina which means we start to see him growing up. He is becoming his own person and making his own decisions even by standing up to his dad. Even so, his relationship with Gina isn’t simple at all but the main obstacle is the bullet in her brain makes her only attractive to very heavily obese men like Dusty.

Gina, voiced by Sarah Chalke does a great job flipping from a sweet girl to a bloodthirsty law enforcer throughout every episode.  We see a lot of the bloodthirsty side to Gina that it is a nice surprise when we get the gentler and more loved up side to normally a very hard and stern character.

I feel quite sad that the progress we made with the Kevin and Gina relationship is thrown out the window in the final episode. I liked this couple, they had plenty of potential which was just thrown away because the writers created a dilemma that they couldn’t solve without having Gina as a fierce killer.


Dusty (Dana Snyder) is the pure comedic character, whose presence is just pure chaos.

His relevance in the show is to just be the humour and weirdness. Dusty is just a weird character.

The character isn’t always the most enjoyable to watch as sometimes if feels sometimes just a step too far.

However, his character always has an impact in a scene.

Dusty is the character you are always surprised by and enjoy watching because you just don’t know what is going to come out of his mouth next.

However, with that being said you never predict what will happen in this show next.



Credit: Netflix

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There are some fantastic standalone episodes and some episodes really highlight some important issues such as gun control.

As we know this is a major issue in America and in one episode this topic takes centre stage.

In the episode entitled ‘Tigger Warning’ everyone in town is given a gun, including babies and those who we would be deemed a risk for having one in their position.

It really highlights the importance of gun control and makes you think about this issue and how dangerous it can be.

This show is weird there is no hiding that, from a man marrying a dolphin yet the dolphin giving birth to a dolphin dog mutant to an unborn foetus trying to kill his father.

These episodes are strange yet they are fun to watch and something a bit different.

If you want to watch something to cheer yourself up or to take your mind off things then this show would help.

This isn’t the best animation you’ll ever see but it is bright and fast-paced which keeps your attention and may make you chuckle.

The voice cast does a fantastic job bringing their dodgy characters to life as they do terrible things to one another.


We end this season on another sort of cliff-hanger but it feels like there are still lots of stories left to be told in Paradise.

Paradise PD isn’t for everyone; it talks about sensitive situations and makes jokes around them.

What I would say is if you like Family Guy or American Dad then this is the next show for you to watch.

At the moment it hasn’t been confirmed or denied if there will be a fourth season but we have been left with many unanswered questions for which we need answers.


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