Only Murders In The Building Season 1 Episode 10 Review


Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman
Written by John Hoffman and Rachel Burger
Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Aaron Dominguez and Amy Ryan

In the previous episode of Only Murders In The Building, it was hinted who the murder might be and this episode (Episode 10) throws them into our face. We open and end with the episode with the man of the season, Tim Kono. This episode of Only Murders In The Building (Episode 10) gives us everything that we want. We have some comedy and a lot of twists and turns. However, the ending to this season is a strange one, which I’m still trying to work out if I like it or not.



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Mabel (Selena Gomez) and Oliver (Martin Short) have figured everything out. They have figured out that Jan (Amy Ryan) is Tim’s lover and they go to tell Charles (Steve Martin). Mabel explains to Charles what they have found out but he just thinks they are insane. Later on, Jan and Charles are talking and everything just comes out. Jan sees the instrument cleaner and wonders if Charles thinks she is the killer.

It was clever that Charles fooled us all, Charles and Steve Martin are truly great actors. I believed that Charles was on Jans side. Charles lets Jan know that he knows what she has tried to do. He knows she has tried to poison his drink. The same way she killed Tim Kono. Then suddenly Jan transforms into her true self. Charles goes through more evidence against her and Jan is thrilled that it is all out in the open. I was surprised by this quick character change in Jan. Amy Ryan puts on a fabulous performance in this episode. I liked really enjoyed it when Jan went bad! I was so surprised that she was this clever and had such complicated plans. It’s made me wonder what has really happened in Jans life for her to be like this.


After this initial interaction at the start of the episode, Charles is pretty much out of it for the rest of the episode. However, it provided some great comedic relief from the intense action of this episode. I liked it when Charles was drugged but he wanted to help his friends. When he tried to use his smartphone, he said pain and Sting started to play. I felt that was clever and timed perfectly.

After finding all the evidence they needed to prove they were right. Mabel and Oliver, leave Jan’s apartment and go to find Charles. Our trio ends up in the basement as they smell gas, well Charles is in a wheelchair. Considering her plans have been so clever, Jan slips up quite badly with her plan in the basement. It feels so easy to overcome it.



Credit: Disney Plus

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Ultimately, the case about who killed Tim Kono is done with, and our murderer is behind bars. However, I do wonder about that first scene we saw in episode 1. We are yet to see how that fits in with everything. It feels like we have been given such a good ending to this season, and everything makes sense. Then it felt as if the writers remembered that they showed us a scene in episode 1 that still doesn’t make any sense.

However, overall episode 10 was a great watch and Ryan was amazing as the psychopath Jan. She really wasn’t the person we thought she was. However, she may have stabbed herself but surely, she didn’t leave that note on her door. However, the Jan case is finally closed. This episode was full of action and had some real laughs. Steve Martin’s physical comedy in particular was perfect and hilarious to watch.


We do leave this episode and season on a huge cliff-hanger, on who texted Charles and Oliver and what really happened between Mabel and Bunny. The cliff-hanger was good, but it felt very rushed, so I leave this episode a bit confused about what really happened. We are lucky that this show has been renewed for a second season so we can make sense of what happened at the end.

Looking at the season as a whole it’s had ups and downs. The plot itself has been very complicated but clever, which I enjoyed. The comedy part to this show has been really hit or miss, thankfully the finale brought the comedy back. When this show decides to be funny it can do it really well. The cast this season, have done really well, with some fantastic performances. Gomez really stands up well against both Short and Martin in scenes. While Martin really flexes his comedic muscles. I do wish we had more time with Short and for his character to have more impact. However, I did really enjoy this trio together. I do feel a little let down that the scene from episode 1 wasn’t actually explained this season and it felt like a last-minute thing. I’m excited about the second season as I’m not sure what to really expect.

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