A New Batman Podcast Has Dethroned Joe Rogan On Spotify


It’s been revealed that a new Batman podcast has ended up dethroning Joe Rogan’s podcast on Spotify which is a pretty big deal for the new show.

The Batman podcast is called Batman Unburied and it’s a brilliant podcast to listen to for all Batman and DC fans.

It stars the likes of Lance Reddick who plays Thomas Wayne in the podcast.

He’s joined by Winston Duke as Bruce Wayne, Jason Isaacs as Alfred Pennyworth, Hasan Minhaj as The Riddler and Gina Rodriguez as Barbara Gordon.

The really interesting thing about this podcast is that it seems to be set in an alternate universe.

Bruce Wayne is a forensic pathologist with Gotham Hospital in this show and he’s tasked with examining the victims of The Harvester, a gruesome serial killer preying on Gotham’s citizens.

The Batman Unburied podcast has beaten Joe Rogan’s show on Spotify!

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Not only will the superhero be forced to face his own mental demons, but he will also have to overcome them in order to save the citizens of Gotham as his alter-ego, Batman.

Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne and his mother, Martha Wayne, are both alive in this universe.

However, it does seem as though Bruce is still reliving the moment his parents were shot in that dark alley in Gotham.

So, there could be some sort of connection to another universe in which Bruce lost his parents in that shooting.

This podcast has proven to be so popular with Spotify subscribers that it’s ended up dethroning the king of podcasts on the platform, Joe Rogan.

It’s going to be very interesting to see whether this podcast manages to stay in that number one spot for the entirety of its run.

What do you make of this news?

Have you been listening to Batman Unburied on Spotify?

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


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