Netflix Cancels Its Best New Show Of 2023 After 1 Season

Netflix Cancels Its Best New Show Of 2023 After 1 Season

Netflix has cancelled Lockwood & Co, which was widely considered to be among the streaming platform’s best shows, just after its first very first season. Now we wonder what exactly is the platform’s algorithm looking for?

The critics and audience seemed to be in agreement when it came to this new Netflix show. They both seemed to think that it was really well-made show that had a lot of promise. In fact, the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 92% average on the Tomatometer and a 94% audience score.

Lockwood & Co is an action-adventure drama series that Netflix released only in January this year. Barely even four months from the availability date, the streaming giant already deemed the series unworthy of a follow-up season.

Never mind that it immediately took the 5th spot the day after its premiere on Netflix. It even got the top spot for the following days until Feb 1st. It stayed in the top ten until Feb 10th. It appears that the views weren’t enough to warrant a second season.

Netflix Cancels One of Its Best made Shows After Just 1 Season

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In an article from Variety, the series has, in fact, been cancelled by Netflix and will no longer be anticipating a production for season 2. The production company behind the series, Complete Fiction, posted their official statement on Twitter where it said:

With heavy hearts, we announce that ‘Lockwood & Co.’ will not be returning for a second series. Making this show was one of the most rewarding experiences of our careers and we will forever treasure it.

Not forgetting to acknowledge the author of the literary series that Lockwood & Co was based on, the note continued:

Being trusted by the supremely talented Jonathan Stroud to adapt his outstanding series of books was an honour and a privilege. Working with him as closely as we did across the development, production and release of Lockwood & Co has made him a friend, and part of the Complete Fiction family, for life.

Despite the cancellation, the production company has nothing but great things to say about the series they have completed. They said:

We are particularly proud of the gifted young actors who brought Jonathan’s beloved fictional characters to the screen with such warmth, charm and vulnerability. Ruby, Cameron and Ali were our perfect Lucy, Lockwood and George. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated or talented trio.

Fans also look forward to the future that the three lead actors will have. Aside from the lead cast, Complete Fiction further mentioned:

All three are superstars and we can’t wait to see them shine in the dazzling bright future that undoubtedly awaits them. We want to thank our breathtakingly talented cast and crew for the dedication and top-level craft they brought to this production. The love and the care they took is in every frame.

Even though Netflix will no longer push through with a follow-up season, they still maintain pride in thinking about the show. They stated:

We also want to thank our brilliant team at Netflix U.K., who shared and supported our passion and vision for the show from start to finish. We are all very proud of it.

Finally, they addressed the fans of the Netflix series and said:

To the fans – to Lock Nation – you really have been the greatest. We cannot thank you enough for how much you have embraced, celebrated and loved the show.

In the end, Complete Fiction brings everything back to where it came from. While Lockwood & Co is considered to be a faithful adaptation of the first few books that Jonathan Stroud wrote, they find solace in the knowledge that true fans still have the novels to continue the story. With their parting words, they said:

You are the kindest, most creative group of people online and it has been so gratifying to see how your passion for these characters and this world has brought you all together. This might be the end of the line for the TV show, but the books live on, as do the friendships made. We encourage you to embrace both.

So many people have watched and enjoyed the show globally, and that, at the end of the day, is why we do what we do. So keep watching great TV. Keep going to the movies. Keep taking chances on new things. Stay ‘just reckless enough.’

Netflix Cancels Lockwood & Co Disappointing Fans

Netflix Cancels Its Best New Show Of 2023 After 1 Season

Credit: Netflix

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The one and only season of Lockwood & Co is still available on Netflix. Starring Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Heshmati, the series features an alternate reality of contemporary Britain.

The Netflix series Lockwood & Co shows a world where children to teenagers have the ability to see ghosts, unlike the adults. Thus, teenagers get to organise regulated ghost-hunting agencies to defend the living world. Stokes is Lucy Carlyle, a teen with high levels of psychic abilities and is also a runaway coming to London hoping to work at an agency called Lockwood & Co.

William McGregor and Catherine Morshead directed three episodes each, while Joe Cornish directed for 2. Meanwhile, Cornish is credited with adapting Jonathan Stroud’s books into television series where Cornish also wrote two episodes.

What do you make of Netflix cancelling Lockwood & Co, which is yet another well-made series in its library? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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