Netflix Boss Gives His Take On Scarlett Johansson Disney Lawsuit

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos has offered his opinion on the whole Scarlett Johansson Disney lawsuit and what he had to say was very interesting.

Sarandos was asked about the whole lawsuit during the Code Conference earlier this week (via We Got This Covered).

His response was very diplomatic, but he did seem to hint at not really understanding what Disney’s been playing at.

It was revealed that Scarlett Johansson was suing Disney because they released Black Widow on Disney Plus.

That went against their contract and Johansson was owed a lot of money.

Disney’s been in a state of disarray basically ever since Bob Iger left as CEO.

Bob Chapek hasn’t been able to keep the same level of trust between him and the talent.

People over at Disney are not happy with Chapek and Johansson is one of those people.

Netflix’s CEO offers up his take on the Scarlett Johansson Disney lawsuit

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Here’s what Sarandos had to say on the Disney Scarlett Johansson lawsuit:

I watch these things as a spectator I would have said this or said that. I’m fortunate that we have not been in those shoes…talent has to be respected and compensated.

The bit of his quote that’s really interesting is “talent has to be respected and compensated”.

This is something that Netflix seems to do very well – make sure that talent is respected and compensated.

What do you make of this news?

What do you make of the whole Disney vs Scarlett Johansson lawsuit?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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