Spawn Reboot Won’t Be An Origins Story Says Director

Spawn’s creator has revealed that the upcoming reboot he’s writing and directing will not be an origins story which is an interesting way to go.

Todd McFarlane revealed this during a recent interview with

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

We saw that movie. That movie came out 20-plus years ago from New Line. So what haven’t we seen that would be interesting and relevant today, both in terms of filmmaking and social content.

It’s interesting to hear that they watched the movie that came out back in 1997.

That Spawn movie really wasn’t great and they haven’t made another Spawn movie since.

Spawn’s reboot will not be an origins story

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In the same interview, McFarlane explained that he thinks Broken City screenwriter Brian Tucker, who is currently attached to write the reboot, will handle the material well.

McFarlane also added that another “big name” is attached to the project that helped whittle down the eligible screenwriters.

I think he said he went through close to a hundred scripts by as many people as he could. We were looking ideally for someone that could bring a voice to the character on two levels: I’m just a white, Canadian kid. I haven’t lived the life of a man in America of someone with dark skin. We thought it was important to get the perspective of somebody who has.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing this upcoming Spawn reboot?

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