Moon Knight Season 2’s Villain Reportedly Revealed


Moon Knight Season 2 is reported to feature a familiar MCU villain. Who would this villain be? With the multiverse unlocked, there seems to be a logical one if Marvel Studios does push through with it.

Nothing has been announced yet for Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac is not bound by a contract to return. He is, however, open to reprising the role if he is interested in the story. You can’t deny that the character is interesting, especially with the multiple personalities.

It’s a challenge for any actor, especially given how different these personalities are. And we haven’t dived into his other personality which neither Marc Spector nor Steven Grant knows about… Jake Lockley. For sure, it’s an interesting angle to look at if given the chance to get back to it.

Fans are excited to see where this character will go. Even Kevin Feige himself has confirmed that there are plans for the character’s future. Still, we wonder when Moon Knight will collide with the other characters of the MCU.

Season 2 could happen; it all depends on if everyone involved would want to return, especially the actor. And how will this progress his character? With that said, who will be the next villain?

Moon Knight Might Have A Villain For Season 2

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A podcast from Cosmic Circle says that an industry insider has revealed that Marvel Studios is considering Rama-Tut to be the next Moon Knight villain. Rama-Tut has shown his face in the MCU. He is a Kang variant played by Jonathan Majors, featured in the mid-credits scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

This makes sense since Rama-Tut is a ruler from Ancient Egypt. The character was even referenced in Moon Knight when Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac, met a young boy that wore a jacket that had a design of a silhouette of Rama-Tut’s headdress.

This version of Kang is one of the most famous ones in the comics we know, apart from Victor Timely, that has appeared in the MCU. In the comics, this variant of Kang got bored with the world he lived in because it was a time of peace. He travelled to another universe, Earth-616’s past. Using an army of robots, he was able to conquer Egypt and named himself Rama-Tut.

While this is interesting, and I do hope this happens, I do think it should happen soon if Rama-Tut is going to be the main villain. Since Rama-Tut is a Kang variant, it means it’s logical to get this Moon Knight Season 2 before the end of Phase 6. While Phase 5 already has a fully booked schedule, Phase 6 still appears to have several gaps in what it has to offer. No Marvel TV series yet listed so far.

A Kang Variant Could Be Moon Knight’s Next Villain

Moon Knight Season 2's Villain Reportedly Revealed

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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The first time we saw a Kang variant was in the Loki series. In the show, he was called “He Who Remains”, and he also controls the Time Variance Authority. We are expecting to see Jonathan Majors return to the role in the second season but as Victor Timely. We are expecting to see other variants of Kang in the series too.

While we know that Majors will also return for Marvel’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, we don’t know which other projects he’ll be returning in before the big end of Phase 6.

The Kang Dynasty should bring all the universes together. It’s presumed that several, if not all, characters will be coming together in this film. But it is kind of expected that this will not end in a good way. It is reported that Moon Knight could be part of the film.

The events of the Kang Dynasty could result in the creation of Latverion, also known as Battleworld. It is a world made up of different realities from different universes. As a result, this leads to Avengers: Secret Wars.

Fans are expecting variants of some characters, even supposed dead ones like Ironman and Black Widow. There are even reports that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will return for the film. While Kang could still be the main villain of Secret Wars, it could give us a twist ending with Doctor Doom actually taking the reins, which did happen in the comics.

What do you make of this news about Rama-Tut being the possible villain for Moon Knight Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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