Mike Tyson To Host 2023’s Oscars


This just in! It’s been revealed that The Academy has opted to hire the services of former boxer and The Hangover star, Mike Tyson as the host of 2023’s Oscars ceremony.

This comes after Will Smith took to the stage at this year’s Oscars and slapped Chris Rock in the face.

It was a truly shocking moment and it seems as though The Academy will be taking punitive measures against Smith for his actions.

However, it also seems as though The Academy members are a bit worried for their own safety at future Oscars ceremonies.

As one source put it to us: “How will we ensure our safety when we go onto the stage to present future awards? We need proper protection!”

Well, The Academy has worked it all out – they’re going to bring in Mike Tyson to ensure that no one coming onto the stage at future Oscars ceremonies will be able to slap anyone else.

This was backed up by a statement made by The Academy:

We wanted to ensure the safety of everybody at next year’s Oscars, so, we’ve decided that Mikey Tyson will be the host of 2023’s Oscars ceremony. No one will mess around or slap anyone else if they knew Mike Tyson was on stage!

No one will mess around at 2023’s Oscars with Mike Tyson hosting!


Credit: Chris Pizzello (AP)

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It does seem as though The Academy has made a very clear statement with this announcement.

There will be no more funny business at the Oscars!

Mike Tyson isn’t known for his hosting skills, however, what he is known for is his ability to terrify people into submission.

I’m pretty sure that the actors in the crowd at 2023’s Oscars ceremony will think twice before coming on stage to slap another presenter in the face for a joke they didn’t appreciate.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Mike Tyson host 2023’s Oscars ceremony?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[EDITOR’S NOTE] Happy April Fool’s Day Everybody!


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