Matt Berry Joins Jason Momoa In The Minecraft Movie

Matt Berry Joins Jason Momoa In The Minecraft Movie

If there’s any doubt about the upcoming The Minecraft Movie starring Jason Momoa was going to be fun, it completely disappears with the news that Matt Berry has joined the cast. The latest development for the Warner Bros project is back in motion with Jared Hess at the helm.

Over a decade has passed since people played up the possibility of having a movie adaptation of what many consider the best videogame ever. It is safe to say that Minecraft is the number one best-selling video game of all time, with over 238 million copies sold and nearly 140 million monthly active players. And that was back in 2021. The game has also been ported to several platforms.

Mojang Studios developed the sandbox game, which was originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. After its beta test stage, it went public in 2009 then got fully released by 2011. People got immediately engrossed in its simplicity of utilizing blocks and exploring what seems to be an infinite map of landscape possibilities.

Matt Berry Joins Jason Momoa In The Minecraft Movie

Credit: Mojang Studios

With so many possibilities in gameplay, such as facing monsters, building structures, maintaining towns, mining for minerals, and even creating tools, as well as portals to the other dimension, there are just so many routes a movie adaptation of the sandbox game could actually go.

And numerous routes it went. From director to director, writer to another, even actors joining Momoa, it seems that the project is having a difficult time getting its blocks together. Now, after Warner Bros’ transition into Warner Bros Discovery, people can only hope that the development is not more steady. And perhaps it is.

The latest news confirms that a new director is on board with the lead actor still being Jason Momoa. Moreover, a new name has been added to the film’s cast, and this time it is 2015 BAFTA Award-winning actor, Matt Berry.

Matt Berry In Talks To Join Jason Momoa in The Minecraft Movie

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Deadline reports that the What We Do In The Shadows actor Matt Berry is in talks to be part of the upcoming The Minecraft Movie. Should they come to an agreement, Berry will be acting alongside Jason Momoa for the film adaptation of the sandbox video game.

While there have been a number of synopses that got published before, the story of the upcoming movie is still unclear. With the many changes of people behind the camera as the project was still in development, certain storylines, even the latest one that they announced may have changed drastically.

Companies credited with producing the film adaptation with Warner Bros and Mojang are Vertigo Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment, Microsoft Studios and Jason Momoa’s On The Roam.

Matt Berry Joins Jason Momoa In The Minecraft Movie

Credit: Channel 4

Jared Hess has 16 movie titles to his directorial belt. Four of these are still upcoming projects, including The Minecraft Movie for Warner Bros. In 2004, he won the Best Feature Film Discovery Jury Award for his work on Napoleon Dynamite. The movie starred Tina Majorino, Haylie Duff, Efren Ramirez, Aaron Ruell, and Jon Heder, among many others.

Jason Momoa is still up for appearing as the King of Atlantis in this year’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom from DC Studios, coming to theatres in December. At present, moviegoers can watch him drift onto the big screen in Fast X as Dante, the movie’s vengeful antagonist to Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto.

Matt Berry Could Pack The Minecraft Movie Lots Of Laughs With Jason Momoa

Matt Berry Joins Jason Momoa In The Minecraft Movie

Credit: FX

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Actor-comedian Matt Berry could very well play a quirky character opposite Momoa in The Minecraft Movie. Even though it is unclear whether the movie will be entirely in live action or partially or wholly in computer-generated image animation, it isn’t hard to imagine Berry alongside Momoa in a video game-inspired movie.

Even prior to What We Do In The Shadows, Berry has proven to be an entertaining addition to any ensemble. Who can forget his portrayal of Douglas Reynholm in the television series The IT Crowd? However, it was his performance as Steven Toast in the television series Toast of London that bagged him his BAFTA TV Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme.

Hopefully, securing Berry in the upcoming movie will fortify an even sturdier building block for the developing video game adaptation.

What do you make of Matt Berry possibly joining Jason Momoa in the upcoming The Minecraft Movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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