Henry Cavill to play Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel is obviously always looking towards the future, but now is probably one of the most vital planning phases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since we are in a post-Avengers: Endgame world, and it looks like they’re looking to bring in one of the biggest actors around (literally) in Henry Cavill.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Henry Cavill. I think he’s a seriously underrated actor and he’s very watchable in everything he’s in.

He made an excellent Superman, but he was given rotten material to work with. However, Man Of Steel remains to this day one of my favourite DCEU movies.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios is now looking to bring the actor into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if their source is correct, he could be playing Captain Britain.

Would Henry Cavill make a good Captain Britain?


Could Henry Cavill be playing Captain Britain – Credit: Warner Bros.

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I think this would be an excellent bit of casting, and it’s about time that Marvel brings Captain Britain onto the big screen.

We’ve already got so many British actors playing American superheroes. Why can’t we have an actual British superhero on screen?

There’s the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Robert Pattinson is going to be playing Batman, Tom Holland is Spider-Man, Paul Bettany is Vision, Aaron Taylor-Johnson very briefly played Quicksilver…

The list of British actors playing American superheroes is about as long as my arm, but it’s now time for a British actor to play a British superhero.

Henry Cavill as Captain Britain would be perfect and would have been my choice for the role (I mean, I personally would love to play Captain Britain, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. I’m still waiting for that call from Kevin Feige…).

We Got This Covered do state in their report that Marvel has yet to contact Cavill for the role. They are merely talking about the possibility of him taking on the role.

But, if this report turns out to be true, it would put Cavill’s future as Superman in even more uncertainty than it already is.

What could this mean for the future of Superman?

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Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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We still have no idea what DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures are planning to do with Superman, and I think that stinks because Cavill was a great Superman.

I would have loved to have seen a Man Of Steel 2, possibly directed by Matthew Vaughn, but it’s looking like Warner Bros. wants to move the DCEU on from the Zack Snyder days.

What do you think of Henry Cavill as Captain Britain? Do you think he’d be the right fit for the role?

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