Marvel VFX Artist Worked On Thor: Love And Thunder For 100 Hours And Didn’t Get Credited


A VFX artist who worked on Marvel’s Thor: Love And Thunder has revealed that they spent 100 hours on the movie and they didn’t get credited.

This all comes after VFX artists have come forward detailing how awful it is working on Disney and Marvel movies.

They get paid literally nothing and are given insane deadlines that they just cannot work with.

It seems like a number of VFX artists are now refusing to work with Disney and Marvel because of this.

Honestly, I am not surprised at all to hear this since we’ve been told exactly the same thing by people we know in the industry.

Marvel and Disney needs to star paying their VFX artists more money


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel and Disney give their VFX artists very little time to work on their movies and now also their TV shows.

They are also very poorly remunerated for their extensive work on these projects.

Then, fans watch the movies and TV shows and complain about the VFX being a bit shoddy.

I mean, what else can you expect when a VFX artist is given no time at all to finish some of the most insane shots we’ve ever seen on the big and small screens.

Not only that, they are also working for very little money considering how much time and effort goes into their work.

This has all been backed up by VFX artist Christopher Stanley (aka cosplay_chris), who revealed he spent “about 100 hours” working on a Thor: Love and Thunder character, and wasn’t even included in the credits.

He revealed this via an Instagram post, which you can see below:

VFX artists need to be given more time to work on their MCU and Disney projects


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Honestly, this is really sad to see because without VFX artists, we would not get to watch some of the most incredible visuals we’ve ever seen on the big screen.

The MCU and Disney owe a lot to its VFX artists and they are in danger of pushing them away, and for what?

As it stands, Disney and Marvel are spending far too much money on things such as actors, producers, executives…

The amount of money that Disney and Marvel pay their actors and executives is eye-watering.

Some of that money needs to be spent on the people that actually make the movies and TV shows happen – the VFX artists!

What do you make of this news?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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