Madonna Biopic With Ozark’s Julia Garner Has Been Cancelled


The Madonna biopic starring Ozark’s Julia Garner takes the back seat as the music legend takes on a world concert tour.

Variety reports that the singer-actress-director is now focused on the tour that practically sold out in minutes.

Perhaps, Madonna is not yet fully ready to tell her tale. She still, however, is determined that once it pushes through, it will be her at the helm.

The chart-topping icon has taken on many personas, from Material Girl to Susan to Evita, it seems that each decade she has her distinct identity.

An empress of reinvention, she has countless Grammy Awards, acting awards and even more nominations over decades in the industry.

Madonna Biopic Starring Julia Garner Takes The Back Seat

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As much as a legend that she is, her story is yet to grace the silver screen.

Though many have intended to tell her story, she stands firm with her decision, saying:

I’ve had an extraordinary life, I must make an extraordinary film. It was also a preemptive strike, because a lot of people were trying to make movies about me. Mostly misogynistic men. So, I put my foot in the door and said, ‘No one’s going to tell my story but me.’…

Universal Pictures may not have the biopic in development for now, but the official word on the project being put on the back burner is it’s due to Madonna’s worldwide tour.

I wonder if Madonna did not expect such a ticket sale turnout.

Maybe she got excited that they sold like hot pancakes on a cold morning that she lost focus on the movie.

Could it also be that the developing movie itself is building a lot of pressure on her as its director?

There is one thing about directing a feature film but another when it’s about your life.

And the life you want people to finally witness.

Considering the complexities, it took to finally find Garner to portray her in the movie, expectations could be at an all-time high.

Fans are keenly aware of how much of a perfectionist the pop icon is.

Most of the time, it’s likely expectations she set for herself that are the hardest to please.

Even though she has had a hand at directing before, music and performing in concerts has always been her best element.

It could also be possible that she is gathering inspiration for the movie through this world tour.

Perhaps Madonna will find her biopic’s perfect ending whilst on her wold tour.

Madonna Biopic With Julia Garner Could Still Happen In The Future

Madonna Biopic With Ozark's Julia Garner Has Been Cancelled

Credit: Disney

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I imagine a lot of content in the preparation and duration of the entire tour can be documented for the Madonna biopic.

Furthermore, not only will it refresh her creative juices, but it will also update the way her story can be told.

The world tour can give her the feel of her audience.

Those that have been with her for years and those that have yet to discover her as the music icon that she is.

While no official comments or statements are available yet from Madonna, Garner or Universal Pictures, the cancellation of the Madonna biopic has still not been officially confirmed.

For all we know, the world concert tour could truly be part of the biopic development.

Especially as Variety notes that insiders within Madonna’s inner circle still claim that she is still committed to making her biopic happen one day.

Whatever ends up happening. Julia Garner as well as producer Amy Pascal’s schedules will not be a lot freer than they were before.

One thing is for sure, she is living her song as she co-wrote Live to Tell with Patrick Leonard, saying:

A man can tell a thousand lies
I’ve learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, ’til then
It will burn inside of me

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