Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Linda Martin To Die In Midseason Finale?

We Lucifer fans are desperate to know when Season 5 (which will be the last season) will hit Netflix, and we’re also desperate to know any spoilers for the upcoming season.

Lucifer Season 5 is gearing up to be the must-watch television event of 2020 (which is when I believe the season will be released on Netflix), and there could be a few deaths in this season.

It’s the final season, so I’m pretty sure that one of the show’s main characters will be up for the chop, and that character could be Dr Linda Martin (played by Rachael Harris).

Now, this spoiler is based on what the Lucifer Season 5 writers tweeted via the Lucifer Writers Room Twitter account.

You can have a look at the tweet they posted which has me believing that Linda will die in Lucifer Season 5’s midseason finale.

It’s looking like Linda might die in Lucifer Season 5

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Here’s the tweet in full, which reads: 508 TITLE CLUE: The writer of the midseason finale thinks you all are too smart, and is cautious about giving away too much, so this time you only get ONE letter: **O**** ***** PS. There is another subtle clue hidden in this tweet…”

There are a bunch of replies to the tweet suggesting what the episode title could be. Some fans suggested the likes of “Problem Child”, “Goodbye Devil” and “Goodbye Anyone”.

However, there’s one thing in this tweet which stood out to me which was the bespectacled emoji, which suggests that this episode might have something to do with Linda, who’s the only character in the show to wear glasses.

She’s also the only really “smart” one. She’s the character who has to deal with almost everyone’s problems, and Season 4 had her have some problems of her own.

Is this a Lucifer Season 5 Spoiler?



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She found out she was pregnant with Amenadiel’s child, whom they called Charlie.

I’m a bit worried that his midseason finale could have something to do with her and her child, and she might end up having to sacrifice herself in order to save her child.

I also think the title will be “Problem Child” which just seems to fit, and also I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an important storyline with Charlie.

What do you think about this Lucifer Season 5 Spoiler? Let me know in the comments below.

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