Marvel Has Seemingly Already Renewed Loki For Season 2 On Disney Plus

It’s being reported that Marvel and Disney have already renewed Loki for Season 2, and this is before the first season’s even been released on Disney Plus. This news comes from Production Weekly (via MovieWeb), and they seem to be in the know with these sorts of things.

As it stands, Tom Hiddleston is currently filming the first season of this new Loki Disney Plus MCU TV show is Atlanta, Georgia. However, it’s not clear whether production is still happening or whether they’ve taken a break due to the pandemic and probably the election.

This first season of the Loki show is supposed to be coming to Disney Plus next spring, in 2021. However, we still don’t have an exact release date yet.

It was also revealed that the first season was going to be a miniseries of sorts, with one six episodes. However, Agents Of SHIELD and MCU movies star, Clark Gregg revealed that there going to be more episodes that six in the first season. A bit of a slip up there.

He said: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say ‘boy, that would really be interesting to start the experiment over.'” He was then asked what it was like doing a show for Disney Plus, and he replied: “Doing 10 episodes or 12 episodes the way Tom Hiddleston told me he was doing [on Loki] with that kind of budget and that Marvel Cinematic production team.”

Now, this could just be Gregg getting his facts wrong, but it some seem as though the series will be longer than we first thought, and now it’s being reported that Marvel and Disney are already working on a Season 2. As it stands, production on Season 2 will begin in January 2022.

Loki has seemingly been renewed for Season 2

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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Now, this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Disney nor Marvel Studios. Tom Hiddleston hasn’t even said anything about a possible Season 2. We still haven’t seen a trailer for Season 1 yet.

What we do know about the show is that it’ll involve Loki, a.k.a. the God of Mischief travelling through time and different world history events. There have also been reports that multiple actors will play the role, not just Hiddleston.

Richard E. Grant is rumoured to be playing an older version of Loki. Sophia Di Martino has also recently been spotted on set and it seemed as though she was a female version of the character, which means that Loki will be switching genders in the show.

There are also rumours that the show will reveal Loki to be bisexual, which make sense given the character is in the comics and in Norse mythology. Also, the fact that he’ll be played by different men and women seems to add credence to these reports.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Loki Season 1, and how do you feel about a possible Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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