Loki Boss Reveals Sylvie Easter Egg You Probably Missed

Loki’s director, Kate Herron has revealed that there is a Sylvie easter egg in the series that fans haven’t spotted yet.

She revealed this during a recent interview with Collider and it’s a pretty interesting easter egg.

Hears what Herron revealed about the Sylvie easter egg in Loki that most fans missed:

Just thinking… It’s less than an Easter egg, it’s more just a cool thing we did. So if people go back and watch when the variant Sylvie is in the shadows… I wanted it to be hard to tell what version of Loki it could be, and so we had a female and male stunt double that we interchanged across those scenes. So that could be kind of fun.

She was then asked whether this referred to Loki episode two specifically, Herron continued:

Yeah, so when Sylvie’s in her hood, that interchanges quite a bit, particularly in the oil field, I think we changed that around quite a bit. I wanted to keep people guessing basically, so they wouldn’t necessarily know it was a female Loki.

Loki’s director has revealed the Sylvie easter egg fans have missed


Credit: Disney Plus

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Sylvie actress Sophia Di Martino also recently opened up about her Loki character and revealed that she’s much more than just ‘Lady Loki”.

“I think the story we’re telling isn’t necessarily about gender fluidity, but that Sylvie is a variant of Loki, but she’s Sylvie, a character and a person in her own right,” she said.

Loki’s finale episode is airing on Disney Plus tomorrow.

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