Loki Has Debunked Every Ambitious Fan Theory Out There


Even though Disney PlusWandaVision ended up ruthlessly debunking all of our major theories ranging from the arrival of Mephisto to the debut of X-Men and the Fantastic Four, we MCU fans haven’t learned our lesson as we have repeated the cycle with Loki

Loki was barely 2 episodes in when countless plausible, as well as highly unlikely theories about its storyline, characters, and potential agenda, cropped up everywhere. 

While theories about how the Time Keepers don’t exist and the lies of Judge Ravonna Renslayer have been proven true, the rest have been unceremoniously shot down by the fourth episode, “The Nexus Event” in the series. 

Yes, Lady Loki is Sylvie but not the villainous Enchantress


Credit: Disney Plus

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In the comics, Lady Loki has long black hair and does not possess the power of mind control.

This was enough to trigger theories that Sophia Di Martino is actually not playing Lady Loki and is instead the villainous Enchantress from the novels who also goes by the name Sylvie and has blond hair. 

And when it was confirmed in Episode 3 that this Loki variant prefers to go by the name Sylvie, these suspicions were further boosted. 

But a flashback sequence in Episode 4 confirmed that Martino is indeed playing Lady Loki. 

In the flashback, we see a young Lady Loki in Asgard playing with her toys when the agents of the Time Variance Authority came and took her away. 

It is now obvious that like many times before, Marvel has merely combined certain aspects of Lady Loki and the Enchantress to make one character. 

The multiverse was not created when Lady Loki bombed the Sacred Timeline


Credit: Disney Plus

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In Episode 2, Lady Loki bombed the Sacred Timeline, and countless branch timelines steadily moving forward at the same time forced the TVA into action. 

Judging by how calm Ravonna is in Episode 4 and how no one mentions the worrisome branch timelines, it is apparent that they all have been clipped. 

But everyone was so sure that this is how the multiverse will be created, right? We know, us too! 

But Loki shows two more ways the multiverse can still be created. 

Loki has fallen in love with Sylvie, which is catastrophic for the Sacred Timeline as a variant getting together with his alternate version is not only weird on a twisted level but will also cause a major Nexus event that will result in a multiversal war.  

Now, this one feels a little weak to us too and that’s why the next theory sounds much more plausible. 

There are very high chances now that the multiverse might already exist. 

The episode ended with a post-credit scene where we all breathed a collective sigh of relief upon seeing Loki alive after being pruned by Ravonna, followed by a gasp of surprise upon seeing the trio who awaits him- Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki. 

As we know that all past Loki variants have been pruned, this not only proves that pruning doesn’t mean dying but also establishes that different dimensions exist where those who are pruned end up. 

This might mean the multiverse already exists as the variants responsible for the branch timelines are all still alive making the Sacred Timeline not so sacred. 

I know, that’s too complicated but hopefully, the last two episodes of Loki will unravel this mystery as well and explain how TVA let a pocket dimension full of its pruned victims exist.

No, Kang isn’t one of the Time Keepers


Credit: Marvel

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Before you go all defensive and start pointing out that the possibility of Kang the Conqueror pulling the strings from the shadows is now higher than ever, we would like to add that we agree wholeheartedly. 

Even though he might not get a chance to be an outright villain in the series, it is definite that Kang or however else is behind the TVA will only debut as the mastermind in the finale, just like Thanos did in The Avengers as their villainous acts are to set up the rest of Phase IV.    

The fan theory Episode 4 debunked was the speculation by many that in the portraits and statues of the three Time Keepers, the one in the middle is actually Kang as he resembled the villain’s comic book visage. 

But we now know that the Time Keepers are nothing but mindless androids after Sylvie chops off the head of the second Time Keeper.

They were set up to instil compliance in the variants who had been brainwashed into being obedient servants of the TVA. 

While the chances of Kang being the puppeteer here have risen exponentially,  we can’t ignore the possibility that it was all set up by Ravonna after the Time Keepers perished to preserve the past glory of the TVA. 

What do you think will happen next? Is there still a possibility that Sylvie will end up being the villain?

Is Kang the Conqueror really the one behind the chaos we witnessed in Loki or is Phase IV going to be graced by one more iconic villain from the comics?

Drop your thoughts in the comments space below. 


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