Nintendo Announces The Switch’s New OLED Model


Well, they’ve done it. Nintendo has gone ahead and announced the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which isn’t the Switch Pro we were hoping for.

There have been so many rumours up to this point about the Nintendo Switch Pro and what it will be like.

Some rumours have been pretty out there, and others have been more realistic given the fact that it is Nintendo we’re talking about.

I’ve grown up on Nintendo games and I genuinely love their consoles even if they haven’t been the most powerful.

I’m even the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii U (one of the very few).

However, I was hoping for something a bit more specs heavy for the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch.

That’s why I had such high hopes for the Nintendo Switch Pro, but when Nintendo has announced is the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Nintendo announces the Nintendo Switch OLED model

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The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be coming out on October 8th this year.

According to MrDalekJD on Twitter, the Switch OLED will feature: “A new 7-inch OLED Screen, wide adjustable stand, upgraded audio, 64GB internal storage & built-in wired LAN port.”

I appreciated the updated screen and storage and also the LAN port is a big plus, especially given that Nintendo seems to be moving forwards a more online gaming model.

However, the question remains, what about battery-life? Will it be worse than the current Switches.

That was always my biggest issue with my Switch and Switch Lite – the battery life on both of them is poor.

I’m constantly having to top-up my Switches batteries which isn’t fun on long journeys and gameplay sessions.

We’re going to have to wait and see what else they have to say about this new Switch model.

What do you make of this news?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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