Owen Wilson Reacts To Loki Episode 4’s Shock Ending


Owen Wilson, who’s currently getting heaps of praise for his performance in Loki, has reacted to Episode 4’s shocking ending.

So, what happened in that ending scene of Loki Episode 1?

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, then I really don’t want to spoil it for you.

So, what I’m going to do is give all those who haven’t seen the episode yet a HUGE SPOILER WARNING.

Right, you’ve been warned.

So, what happened? Well, Owen Wilson’s character, the TVA’s Agent M. Mobius was ‘pruned’ by his boss.

It was a pretty shocking moment in the episode, and Wilson opened up about that particular scene.

He did so in a recent interview and he was rather insightful about what happened to Mobius.

Wow! Owen Wilson has reacted to Loki Episode 4’s ending


Credit: Disney Plus

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Here’s what Owen Wilson had to say to Marvel.com about the scene in which Mobius ended up getting ‘pruned’ by his boss:

The relationship between Mobius and Renslayer, it’s the way you might have with your boss. Or when you’re back in school with the principal or someone in a position of authority and having to sort of try to charm them so you’re able to pursue your projects. That’s the dynamic between Mobius and Renslayer. She sort of loses patience with Mobius and with another one of his schemes.

But, I think, she also sort of enjoys that he’s a little bit of a rascal. It’s a little bit of a hall of mirrors within the whole series, that people aren’t quite who they seem to be. In the same way that Loki, when he lands in this bizarre place called the TVA, Mobius will have sort of the same struggles. What is this organization? And is it something that is worthy of his devotion

What do you make of this news?

What did you make of Loki Episode 4’s shocking ending?

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