Locke And Keys Season 3 Filming Starts In Canada

It’s been revealed that the filming on Locke And Key Season 3 has already started in Canada, which is interesting considering Season 2’s not out yet.

In a rather unusual move for Netflix, they opted to green light both seasons 2 and 3 at the same time.

This means that they would make both seasons pretty much one after the other.

Off the top of my head, I do not believe this is something that Netflix has done in the past.

It’s a pretty interesting move from the streaming platform, and one which I think might pay off.

Why, you ask? Because I have a feeling that this show is going to end up being huge.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix ends up making five seasons of this show.

The show is based on a comic book series by Joe Hill – Stephen King’s son.

The comics are great and very dark. The Netflix show isn’t quite as dark as the comics are.

Locke and Key Season 3 is already filming in Canada


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This was the first in many Netflix comic book adaptations.

However, it’s the only one that has seemingly hit him with Netflix viewers.

The others were the likes of V Wars, October Faction (which I thought was pretty good), and more recently Jupiter’s Legacy.

I thought V Wars and Jupiter’s Legacy were actually pretty poor.

I’m not even sure whether Netflix will make a second season of Jupiter’s Legacy.

The show hasn’t been doing all that well with audiences and actually reviewed pretty poorly.

There’s also the fact that Netflix has bigger hits on its hands to deal with first.

Hits such as Shadow And Bone, which has been doing brilliantly and is getting a second season.

Anyway, as for Locke And Key Season 3, they are currently filming it in Toronto, Canada.

It started filming back on May 3rd.

As for Locke And Key Season 2’s release date, I still haven’t received any information on when that might be.

What do you make of this news?

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