Lindsay Lohan Stripper Film Is Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie Worldwide


It’s been revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s movie, in which she plays a stripper, is now one of Netflix’s most-watched films worldwide. The movie in question is I Know Who Killed Me, which was first released back in 2007.

The movie was first released in cinemas by Sony Pictures, and it got terrible reviews when it was first released. It was billed as a “sexy horror movie”, but it ended up being rather boring according to many of the critics.

It has to be said that Lohan’s movies and performances over the years have amassed a number of poor reviews, but it does seem as though I Know Who Killed Me is one of her poorest performances and movies ever, at least, according to the critics.

However, for some reason, people have been watching the movie on Netflix recently in their droves. It’s not really sure why, but it’s ended up in Netflix’s Top Ten movies list worldwide and people just cannot get enough of it.

Lindsay Lohan stripper movie is one of Netflix’s most-watched movies around the world


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I Know Who Killed Me stars Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Flemming, a normal high school student whose life is forever altered when she is kidnapped by a sadistic stranger. Aubrey is tortured by the man and, ultimately, left unconscious in a forest, where she is found by rescuers. To the surprise of her family, once she regains consciousness at the hospital, Aubrey claims to be somebody else.

Aubrey then takes on the alias of Dakota Moss, a character she made up for an English assignment. To make things worse, Dakota also claims that the real Aubrey is still in danger. This psychological thriller keeps viewers guessing until the very end. Maybe that’s why people have been flocking to this movie on the streamer.

Even though the movie is meant to be a suspenseful horror/thriller, it’s been getting nothing but bad reviews over the years. People have pointed to the gratuitous violence and sexuality plastered all over the film as reasons for not enjoying it.

However, that might be a reason why some people have been enjoying it on the streaming platform. That said, some of the early scenes in the movie have been likened to a torture-porn sequence. That said, other viewers have said that the rest of the film feels rather uninspired.

Why are people watching I Know Who Killed Me?

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Some of Lindsay Lohan’s most loyal fans have claimed that this movie was actually quite a big mistake in her acting career.  Lohan starred in the widely popular movie, Mean Girls in 2004. She starred as Cady Heron in the movie.

It was reported that Lohan has been rather difficult to work with on certain projects. She would reportedly turn up late to filming, and in some cases, she would even just not turn up at all.

This was the case whilst making I Know Who Killed Me. It was reported that the director, Chris Sivertson, began using a body double for Lohan and digitally replaced the face on days when she didn’t show up. That is utter madness and not very professional on Lohan’s behalf.

Lindsay Lohan has talked about her time working on the film. The years surrounding the film were hard ones for the actress, who has struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past. Even though she was one year sober during the film, rehab appointments, and constant nightmares made sticking to the film’s schedule a challenge.

Lohan also stated that many of her nightmares stemmed from making this movie. The story followed a brutal kidnapper and involved filming torture scenes. It seems as though the film’s deeply disturbing subject matter got into the star’s head and plagued her dreams.

What do you make of this news? Have you watched Lindsay Lohan’s movie, I Know Who Killed Me, on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. DC

    This movie is amazing and misunderstood, plus the director never said anything about a body double or Lindsay missing work, stop using IMDb trivia as a source, literally anyone can edit that and add unverified info..

  2. Ben Varkentine

    I wonder if people know there’s a better movie (still not great, but better than this) in which she’s much more nuder.

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