Netflix Reportedly Tried To Force Liam Hemsworth To Quit The Witcher After Miley Cyrus Drama


Netflix might be in a whole load of new trouble when it comes to casting The Witcher’s lead as now reports say they almost forced Liam Hemsworth to quit after the recent drama involving his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus.

You’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it. Cyrus’ newest song, Flowerscould be the most popular ‘diss track’ one might hear anywhere nowadays. The song was officially released last January 12th, which was one day before her ex-husband Hemsworth’s birthday.

One doesn’t need to hear the whole song to determine who she is singing about. Everyone who follows them knows that they just they married after nearly ten years of dating in 2018, only to get divorced two years later.

There really is that risk of finding yourself on a ‘diss track’ once you end a relationship with a songwriter. Simply because emotions and music are somewhat inseparable. Writers need to get things off their chest. Cyrus isn’t the first songwriter to compose a song about how she feels and how she processes her emotions after a breakup.

Liam Hemsworth Said To Sue Miley Cyrus For Defamation

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The listeners put two and two together and came to the conclusion that the song was referencing Cyrus’ time married to Liam Hemsworth. This was when the controversy started, and so much negative attention came Hemsworth’s way. An article from FandomWire references a Cyrus fan’s tweet stating the following:

According to leaked documents, Liam Hemsworth is officially suing Miley Cyrus for defaming him after the success of the single “Flowers”. He was about to lose his contract with Netflix for the series “The Witcher”.

Once there is a definitive answer as to “who is she singing about?” that person gets judged by the people who hear the song. And, of course, they have opinions. They will let these opinions be known to anyone who cares to listen or read to them. Moreover, reactions do get traction in affecting image confidence.

Ultimately, it will hurt the actor’s image. Thus, companies such as Netflix would think twice about having their projects like The Witcher tied to Hemsworth’s name. Finally, Hemsworth is no different from any guy who has to face the fact that he has a song about his infidelity out there in the world.

The undisclosed documents say that Liam Hemsworth is filing for defamation against his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus. The song reportedly nearly cost him his contract as the new Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher on Netflix.

Whether Netflix is forcing him to quit because of the controversy with his ex-wife’s song or because of his filing of the case will need further clarification. What is clear is that Hemsworth’s reputation has taken a hit and that’s not great for the lead in a Netflix original series.

Liam Hemsworth May Have Filed A Case Against Miley Cyrus

Netflix Reportedly Tried To Force Liam Hemsworth To Quit The Witcher After Miley Cyrus Drama

Credit: Screen Media

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Naturally, Hemsworth is on the receiving end of not-so-favourable opinions online. However, the filed documents are not yet publicly available. As such, there is still a question of whether this information is legitimate or not. Rumours can fly, and everyone loves to talk about controversial matters involving celebrity couples.

Hemsworth and Cyrus already had a colourful rollercoaster of a relationship even before they tied the knot. Thus, these developments may not actually be surprising for fans of the couple before and after their breakup.

It is just that it’s Netflix’s The Witcher that seems to never get to catch a break after letting Henry Cavill go. I wonder if they can read a different message from all of this and realize something.

Do you think Netflix has it in them to force Liam Hemsworth to quit because of his controversy with Miley Cyrus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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