Is There Such a Thing as ‘Luck’ in Casino Games?


There has been a dramatic rise in both the popularity and availability of casino games in the last decade. This has, in the main, been driven by the explosive growth in the online casino sector, where players can test their luck at a wide range of games from slot machines to Texas Hold’em poker.

For many inexperienced gamblers, the question is posed “is there such a thing as luck in online casino games?” Whilst it may be an easy question to answer succinctly by saying “yes,” this does not fully explain the situation. The full answer is actually slightly more complicated than that, as this article will go on to explain.

Pure luck games


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For some games that can be found in a range of online casinos at sites such as Top Mobile Casino UK, the games rely entirely on the luck of the player. Games such as roulette and bingo require little prior skill as they are pure games of chance.

In the case of roulette, the wheel is spun after players make bets on specific numbers, combinations of numbers or odd and even bets. Where the ball eventually lands is entirely determined by chance, thanks to the fast revolutions of the roulette wheel and the rolling of the ball.

Bingo follows the same basic principles as the bingo balls are drawn one by one entirely at random, often with the use of a bingo machine to pick the balls. This is often why such games are popular with inexperienced gamblers who simply want to play a game that tests their luck rather than specific knowledge of strategies or probabilities.

It can be seen that for some casino games, luck is the main factor in determining the winners and losers. However, this does not necessarily apply to all casino games.

The need for skill and knowledge


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Many casino games rely on a degree of skill and knowledge in order to play them effectively and look to increase the likelihood of winning. Poker is an excellent example. In this popular card game, players will look to make the best hand possible from the two cards that they have and the five community cards that are laid down on the table during each round.

The best five-card hand wins each round, and the best possible hand is called a royal flush, where the ten, jack, queen, king and ace are held, all being of the same suit.  To get a royal flush is incredibly rare; however, the likelihood of playing more consistent poker is increased by having a thorough understanding of specific hand probabilities.

Put simply, it will help you to understand when to play and when to fold by having a knowledge of how likely other hands will be. You can read more about this skill here.

To sum up

The online gambling sector is huge, and it’s estimated that over 40 million people in the UK have participated in online gambling.  In a casino, luck is certainly a factor in being successful in a round of cards or a spin on a roulette wheel.

Some casino games rely entirely on luck, whereas others require the player to have a thorough understanding of likelihoods and probabilities to improve the chances of winning more often.

Generally, with the exception of games such as roulette and bingo, most casino games require a mix of luck and knowledge.

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